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Living with… The exclusive and explosive Polestar 2

James Bolton shares his thoughts on his Polestar 2 and talks EV Powered through the best and worst parts of the Volvo spin-off.

Tell us about your EV?

I have a 2021 Polestar 2 in thunder grey.

What do you like about the exterior of your car?

I love the 20” alloys and the exterior of the vehicle has a real curb appeal. It has very muscular lines with a powerful stance and, being a crossover, it’s slightly higher than a normal car but doesn’t look like a normal Eurobox. The lights, although they’re Volvo, still look futuristic, especially the rear one that makes you feel a little like Knight Rider in the dark.

What about the inside?

The interior is just right for me as I like a cockpit style with everything to hand. I’m not ready for cars without a dash binnacle just yet and having all the information right in front of me makes it easier in my opinion. The panoramic sunroof is awesome, too.

I also have to say the build quality is fantastic and touchwood as yet having covered over 6000 miles have not had any issues.

What do other people think of your car?

Other people ask me all the time about the car when I stop places and they all seem to love it. I can see other road users staring and often slowing down to have a second look. Kids are always pointing it out to their pals so that feels good, too.

What do you like most about it?

There’s a lot to love about the Polestar 2 but to pin it down to just three points, I’d say the unassuming power it has, the ride comfort and the ease of use with Google Assistant.

Is there anything you don’t like?

There are a few, tiny things that grate me, silly things like storage and the cup holder situation but I can live with them.

If you could go back to the time you bought it, would you go for something different?

I’m happy with my car and my choice, I’m part of a small group and that feels special.

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