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Zapmap Spark launches to aid companies’ shift to EVs

Zapmap has launched a new API product suite to support organisations across the UK in their transition to electric vehicles.

The new offering, Zapmap Spark, enables companies of all shapes and sizes to provide a suite of EV-centric features within their own digital estate, through a single integration.

By integrating with Zapmap Spark, businesses will gain access to Zapmap’s unique dataset. This means partners will be able to provide their app users with data access to over 95% of UK public charging points, the vast majority of which display live availability status on a 24/7 basis.

In addition to charge point data, the Spark platform also offers companies the ability to provide both EV route planning and cross-network digital payments in their own app – ensuring a seamless, end-to-end customer experience for the increasing numbers of electric car drivers they will be serving.

Richard Bourne, CEO at Zapmap, said: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of Zapmap Spark today. This brand new offering from Zapmap means that third-party digital platforms and apps can now provide market-leading EV services through a simple integration.

“Zapmap was founded in 2014 with a mission to make EV charging simple, wherever you go. With the UK’s shift to electric vehicles well underway, and the needs of EV drivers evolving, it’s up to industry leaders like Zapmap to respond to what drivers really need as the market grows.

“This is why we came to develop Zapmap Spark, which is all about making it easier for organisations to offer their customers a robust set of tools for electric vehicle drivers – all from within their own digital estate.”

The comprehensive and robust in-app capabilities from Zapmap Spark are accessed via a suite of APIs: the Search API, Plan API and Pay API respectively. These capabilities include showing charge point locations across the country, EV route planning, and digital payments for charging sessions. Indeed, a number of companies are soon to experience the benefits of integrating with Zapmap Spark, with more announcements and integrations with Zapmap’s latest offering expected over the coming weeks and months.

In terms of payment, charging costs will generally be added to a customer’s account with the respective company, and will not require any customer payment details. This innovative feature eliminates the need for multiple accounts or payment methods, simplifying the billing process and making EV driving more accessible than ever.

Harrison Brook, Head of Partnerships at Zapmap, said: “By combining Zapmap’s industry-leading platform with the extensive networks and commitment of other organisations across the UK, we’re not only enhancing the charging experience for drivers, but also fostering a stronger EV community.

“Launching Zapmap Spark is a clear example of our ambition to foster a seamless public charging experience for electric car drivers, whether it be in our app, or our partners’ digital products.”

An integral part of supporting the wider shift to electric transportation, Zapmap Spark enables third-party digital platforms and apps to provide market-leading EV services through a simple integration, in doing so supporting organisations in the UK and beyond in their transition to electric vehicles.

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