World’s first ultra-fast mobile EV charger to be manufactured in EU

L-Charge and DAX Industries have agreed to launch a manufacturing hub for mobile and fixed EV chargers in Riga, Latvia.

UK-based L-Charge, a developer of ultra-fast grid-independent EV charging solutions, is set to launch its mobile charging truck, which incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity. Additionally, these mobile charging trucks can be called by users to a convenient location via an app, similar to how they would order a taxi. The L-Charge mobile charging truck provides super-fast charging, from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

The partnership with DAX Industries, a newly established production and engineering branch of DAX Logistics, one of the leading commercial heavy truck operators offering auto transportation in Europe and the Baltic States, DAX could speed up the adoption towards zero-emission transport around the globe, according to L-Charge.

Justin Tarr, VP of Sales and Operations at L-Charge, said: “L-Charge are primarily focused on the distribution of our solutions across the UK and EU. Locating our manufacturing hub in the EU helps us to take advantage of the common European market and Riga’s developed transport infrastructure. Supplying our European and UK customers from Riga’s massive port on the Baltic Sea would be quicker than from other locations further afield.”

Maksims Isajevs, the CEO of DAX Industries, added: “Our company has accumulated competence in logistics, engineering, production and sustainability. For DAX, collaboration with L-Charge is a logical step towards progressing in the green transport field. Collectively, by combining our experience, we expect to occupy a significant share of the charging infrastructure market in the EU and, possibly, take advantage of the European support schemes to accelerate the ‘green’ transition.”

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