Lunaz unveils electric classic Jaguar made with ocean clean-up textiles

Lunaz has unveiled a new customer commission: the world’s first electric Jaguar 1952 XK120 made with ocean clean-up textiles.

The new car was presented at the Concours on Savile Row in London earlier this week and features a leather-free interior that utilises ocean clean-up materials. This includes carpets that are woven from reclaimed nylon sea-fishing nets. Additionally, the backing of these carpets is upcycled from marine plastic pollution such as plastic bottles.

For this particular customer commission project, the client visited Lunaz throughout the commissioning and specification process to understand the way that alternatives to leather and innovative upcycled materials perform from a visual and comfort perspective.

This led to a decision by the customer to create an entirely leather-free interior specified to complement the bespoke Obsidian Blue exterior colour-scheme.

The classic Jaguar has also been fitted with modern touches, with Lunaz’ team of engineers integrating the latest infotainment and audio technology into the vehicle. This includes the discreet placement of a screen installed with Apple CarPlay to operate the client’s preferred navigation and music streaming apps.

David Lorenz, Founder of Lunaz, said: “Furthering the legacies of the most celebrated cars in the world is a labour of love derived from close collaboration with every Lunaz customer. In handing over this beautiful electrified and upcycled Jaguar XK120 we conclude a project that has empowered our designers to re-imagine the traditional classic car material palette. We are proud to take materials and create processes that significantly reduce the global impact of enjoying these cars by unlocking the power of upcycling.

“Lunaz customers delight in every element of the commissioning, design, restoration and electrification process. To reflect the conclusion of this long and involved journey we like to create something special related to the build. We have been delighted to work with Arthur Sleep on the creation of bespoke shoes made from the same non-leather material that finishes the seats of this beautiful, electrified Jaguar XK120.”