Volvo visualizes move towards sustainability with ‘Concept Recharge’

Volvo has outlined its commitment to an electric future by sharing images of the new pure electric Concept Recharge.

With the Concept Recharge, Volvo takes another step towards its ambitions to sell only fully electric cars by 2030 and to be a climate-neutral and circular business by 2040.

For the new, fully electric vehicle, the Concept Recharge will feature tyres from recycled and renewable materials, and Volvo is aiming to improve aerodynamics to reduce its carbon impact through the car itself.

When combining those steps with the use of clean energy throughout a decarbonised supply chain, manufacturing process and use phase of the car, Volvo Cars believes it can reduce a car’s lifecycle CO2 impact by 80% versus a 2018 Volvo XC60.

This would mean that the Concept Recharge would have an overall lifecycle CO2 impact below ten tonnes, when charged with 100% renewable energy.

Owen Ready, head of strategic and brand design at Volvo Cars, said: “As we enter the age of the electric car, how far you can drive on a full charge will be a key consideration. The easy approach is to add more batteries, but it is not the same as simply adding a bigger fuel tank today – batteries add weight and increase carbon footprint. Instead, we have to increase overall efficiency to increase range. With Concept Recharge we explore the tension between the need for efficiency and the desire for the same space, convenience and driving experience as in today’s SUVs.”

In terms of design, the Concept Recharge takes the classic SUV shape and improves airflow to increase range, and maximizes space for the interior due to the lower floor that comes with electric vehicles.

Lisa Reeves, head of interior design, added: “With the Concept Recharge, we’ve created a comfortable and functional family space. The cabin offers sophisticated forms through the use of natural materials and the harmonisation of textures and tones, reflecting the timeless elegance of premium Scandinavian design.”

Owen Ready added: “While consumers continue to drive demand for the benefits of SUVs, we are determined to produce cars that offer all the safety and comfort they look for, as well as slash their environmental impact.”

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