Quarter of Brits would switch to an EV to reduce carbon emissions

A study by Hyundai has revealed that a quarter of Brits would buy an electric vehicle to help reduce carbon emissions.

The study of 2,000 people commissioned by Hyundai examined the everyday sustainable habits people will prioritise this year, such as not flying and growing their own veg.

The research also draws attention to heightened awareness of bigger eco-friendly commitments such as driving electric vehicles, as Brits look to cleaner modes of transport in 2022 and beyond.

However, while a quarter of Brits would replace their car with an electric vehicle to help reduce carbon emissions and help the environment, this switch only ranked 17th out of the top 30 intended sustainability habits for the year.

The report also outlined the skepticism still surrounding the electric vehicle market, with one in ten respondents saying people are only switching to EVs simply because they’re ‘trendy’.

Ashley Andrew, managing director Hyundai Motor UK, said: “This research gives increasing hope and shows that more of us are wanting to live sustainably and are prioritising greener new year resolutions for 2022. It also highlights the important role leading brands play in driving the change to support consumer choice.

“People are looking for ways to do their part to combat the climate issue, whether that’s reducing plastic or reusing materials. This is a practice we have also committed to with the Ioniq 5, where even our floor mats are made from recycled fishing nets But it’s just one part of the battle, and we need everyone – from government to businesses and every individual – to do their bit. At Hyundai we are committed to decarbonising road transport as a leading mobility solutions provider.”

Brits’ top 30 intended sustainability habits for 2022:

Recycle as much as possible

Use reusable carrier bags (Canvas, Jute etc.)

Use low energy light bulbs

Walk rather than drive, where possible

Switch off plugs that aren’t in use

Hang washing out rather than use a tumble dryer

Turn off household technology when not in use

Avoid using or buying plastic

Avoid throwing items away into landfill

Use a renewable energy supplier

Reduce use of central heating by wearing jumpers

Buy local products

Have a compost bin

Eat little or no meat

Take public transport instead of driving

Grow own produce

Drive an electric/hybrid vehicle rather than a petrol/diesel

Try to buy second-hand

Try to plant trees

Consciously buy products (food or otherwise) that have less packaging

Have a water butt in the garden

Don’t go on planes at all

Take own reusable cup when visiting coffee shops

Buy sustainable fashion

Use eco cleaning products

Use a metal straw instead of disposable ones

Buy from sustainable brands

Check labels in shops before purchasing anything, to make sure it’s eco friendly

Count ‘food miles’ of foods in supermarkets

Have food shops delivered

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