Polestar moves into new design studio for Polestar 3 era

Polestar has opened its new design studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, in close proximity to the brand’s global headquarters.

The dedicated facility provides a specialist home for up to 120 design team members, led by Maximilian Missoni. Born out of a historic former Volvo facility completed in 1984 by Italian Romaldo Giurgola and local architect Owe Svärd, the building has been fully upgraded.

The Polestar Design team will continue to build on the brand’s new design language, previewed by the Polestar Precept and electric roadster concept cars, and carried into production with Polestar 3 which launched in October 2022.

Maximilian Missoni, Polestar’s Head of Design, said: “When such care, attention to detail and material quality was so carefully considered at the point of construction back in 1982, it was important to me that we respected the original intentions when integrating our studio into the building. We deliberately showcase the original structure and detailing, respecting the very fabric that gives it its unique character.

“But while we wanted to respect tradition, we also wanted this to be a state-of-the-art home for our growing Design team. So, alongside the glorious views out west of the Gothenburg archipelago, the studio features the latest equipment on the inside to make our jobs easier and produce better results in the most efficient way.”

The same attention to detail paid to the building runs through Polestar 3. Aerodynamics were key to shaping the SUV for the electric age. The overall design, with its wide stance, and low, sweeping roofline, is introduced by the SmartZone and front aero wing. Signifying the shift from ‘breathing to seeing’ as the age of electrification intensifies, Polestar 3 also presented designers with a challenge – to impart a sense of intelligence.

Missoni continued: “In today’s age of advanced product design it’s quite easy to display emotions like aggression and sportiness in a car. But try conveying intelligence in design – it’s not so easy. This is something we have spent a lot of time considering, to express the leading technology and sophistication of Polestar 3. It is distilled to the essence of an SUV but at the same time clearly shows a step into a new era.”