“Perfect time for companies to electrify their fleets” says Ohme

Companies should now look to electrify their fleets following the announcement of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, according to Ohme.

With the new Government scheme providing a price cap on wholesale electricity prices for business customers, similar to the Energy Price Guarantee for households, companies can now plan with greater confidence to switch their fleets towards electric cars and vans.

Already this year, sales of fully-electric vans are up more than 50 per cent, while sales of fully-electric cars are up over 48 per cent on 2021. Ohme is perfectly positioned to help businesses make that switch to electric with its fleet-specific software portal and the ability of its Home Pro smart charger to automatically adjust its charging for drivers and companies to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with smart off-peak tariffs.

“More and more businesses are making the move towards electric and with Ohme’s smart chargers they can continue to reduce their running costs still further,” explains Ohme CEO, David Watson. “Ohme also offers drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the grid is at its highest, further lowering their company’s CO2 impact and helping them to meet sustainability targets.”

One company doing just that is Ohme customer EDSB, a Leeds-based systems and maintenance supplier. Having previously had a diesel-only, high-mileage car and van fleet, EDSB has been slowly switching that fleet to electric with dramatic results. Even with only a fifth of its fleet currently in EVs so far, it estimates that it has already saved £43,000 a year on its fuel bill – more than £3500 a month.

“We wanted to switch our fleet to electric and the Ohme software portal has been key to the success of us running these cars,” says EDSB’s Eddie Forrester. “We use our EV fleet as a selling point for the company and with many business tenders demanding greater sustainability, if you’re not doing it, then you won’t even be considered. Along with the savings, switching our fleet to EVs has been absolute win-win.”

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