Nissan validates Ariya durability with extreme testing

Nissan has driven its fully-electric Ariya model more than five times the Earth’s circumference as part of extensive durability tests over a three-year period.

Gauging the all-electric coupé-crossover’s performance across a total of 5,000 parameters, each test was designed to ensure the Ariya left the testing ground fully capable of handling diverse conditions around the globe.

Leveraging over a decade of EV know-how and customer data since launching the LEAF, Nissan’s experts assessed vehicle usage in various markets to provide valuable direction for the Ariya’s testing. Using this to recreate harsh terrains and difficult conditions the car’s durability was put through its paces in various real-world situations, allowing for thorough evaluation.

Administered by a team of over 500 experts at Nissan’s Tochigi test course in Japan, these tests also considered both daytime and post-nightfall conditions that drivers could potentially face. Collectively the rigorous and lengthy durability testing ensures Nissan can offer both drivers and passengers an exciting EV experience with zero compromise on performance.

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