NIO Power Europe Plant to commence operation in September

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has confirmed plans to have its Power Europe Plant fully operational by September.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Hungarian Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Hui Zhang, Vice President of NIO Europe Office, jointly announced that NIO Power Europe Plant in Pest megye, with investment from NIO, will commence operation in September.

With a footprint of around 10,000 square meters, NIO Power Europe Plant, as NIO’s first overseas plant, will serve as the manufacturing, service and R&D center for NIO’s power products in Europe, with its major business covering the manufacturing and after-sales service of battery swapping stations, training for power operations in Europe, and the R&D of power products. NIO says its launch will further enhance the deployment and service efficiency of NIO Power in Europe, bringing a better ownership experience for European users.

NIO Power solutions range from a mobile internet-based power solution with extensive networks for battery charging and battery swap facilities. The battery swapping technology, which NIO says is the first of its kind, will see EV owners be able to pull into a battery-swap station, and have the battery of their EV replaced with a fully charged one, instead of charging the car themselves.

In a recent episode of the Everything EV Podcast, Gert-Jan Geerinckx, head of power of NIO, spoke about the manufacturer’s power network, which includes the revolutionary EV battery swap service:

After entering the Norwegian market, NIO will expand into Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in the second half of this year with its products and comprehensive services. The operations of NIO Power Europe Plant will add further momentum to the construction of NIO Power Swap Stations in these countries, laying a solid foundation for local battery swapping and charging services.

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