Monta teams up with the UK’s fastest growing EV wholesaler

EV charging platform Monta and electrical wholesaler YESSS Electrical have teamed up to streamline EV installations for installers across the UK.

YESSS will recommend Monta to their base of over 1500 installers as the charge point management platform of choice. The two companies say that until now managing charge points and finding recurring revenue streams has been challenging for UK charge point installers.

“As EV sales increase in the UK, so does the demand for charge point installations” said Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta. “We know that the UK has a strong workforce of charge point installers who just need an easy platform to manage installations and provide ongoing services to their customers. By working with YESSS Electrical we hope to reach more installers and help speed up the installation process.”

Mike Gadd, Head of EV and Energy at YESSS Electrical, said: “For myself and the rest of the EV & Energy Team here at YESSS as well as our Branch network, we have noted a marked change in the EV market over the past 12 months. Whilst quality, feature rich, reliable hardware is still crucial the software proposition behind it has become even more pivotal. In working with Monta we can ensure clients have access to a fantastic OCPP platform for home, workplace and public charging scenarios. Furthermore it enables a greater degree of futureproofing and flexibility by enabling the unification of different EV hardware solutions under one software banner.”

Based in West Yorkshire, YESSS Electrical provide a range of wholesale electrical goods online and via 95 branches across the UK.

Available as a web-based app, Monta connects business owners with manufacturers and installers to help provide EV charge points. Manufacturers can use the app to find businesses interested in installing charge points, while business owners can track energy consumption, usage, and costs in real-time.

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