How to charge your non-Tesla at a Supercharger station

Tesla has opened its Supercharger network to other car brands in the UK as part of a pilot scheme. But how does it work?

In November 2021, Tesla announced that it would be making some of its Supercharger stations to Non-Tesla EV drivers in selected countries via the Tesla app, and as of last week, it launched its pilot programme in the UK.

As part of the new scheme, Tesla has opened 15 Supercharger stations, with 158 charge points, to non-Tesla drivers in the UK.

The sites are located at Aberystwyth, Adderstone, Aviemore, Banbury, Birmingham St Andrews, Cardiff, Dundee, Flint, Folkestone Eurotunnel, Grays, Manchester Trafford Centre, Thetford, Trumpington, Uxbridge and Wokingham.

The chargers will work with any electric car that features a combined charging system (CCS) port. Pricing for Non-Tesla drivers is set at 60p per kWh, however a monthly subscription at £10.99 is also available.

How to charge your non-Tesla

In order to charge your non-Tesla at a Supercharger station, first you must download the ‘Tesla’ app and create an account. From here, you can use the app to locate your nearest charging unit.

Select ‘Charge Your Non-Tesla’ and add your preferred payment method. Once you have parked in a Supercharger bay, plug your car in and tap ‘start charging’ on the app. Once your session is completed, use the app again to end the charge by pressing ‘stop charging’.

Although Superchargers are now open to non-Tesla drivers in certain areas, Tesla drivers will still receive an extended list of benefits, according to the car maker. In a statement it said: “As a Tesla driver you benefit from the seamless integration of charge post and vehicle, optimized route planning and battery pre-conditioning. With your Tesla, you’ll also have access to the lowest Supercharger pricing.”

Tesla has more than 30,000 Superchargers worldwide, making it the largest electric vehicle charging network in the world. The non-Tesla Supercharger pilot scheme is also live across Europe, in countries including France, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Austria.

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