Monta and GARO join forces to accelerate EV charge points

EV charging app Monta and chargepoint manufacturer GARO have teamed up to help free up EV charge points for all drivers.

Using the Monta software, GARO will combine its charge point operations into one platform to provide more businesses with charge points as well as smart charging features, such as virtual queueing and reservations.

Together, the two companies are looking to increase the installation rate of EV charge points across the UK, but also make them accessible to every driver, regardless of the make, model or manufacturer.

Alok Dubey, UK country manager at Monta, said: “Connecting our software with the hardware provided by GARO will increase the amount of available charge points for EV drivers while taking away a lot of the hassle. There are more than 13 different apps for charging networks in the UK right now, many of which have their own subscription services, app, or connection point in order for vehicles to begin charging.

“By teaming up with GARO, we believe we can provide more organisations with not just more charge points but smarter ones – the benefits of which can then be passed on to EV drivers and put them back on the road as quickly and easily as possible.”

Conor Charnley, UK sales manager at GARO, added: “We believe that the UK needs to become a leader in electric vehicle charging, and working with Monta will allow us to make great strides in providing more and improved charge points. There are so many network providers and charge point manufacturers that unfortunately aren’t all singing off the same hymn sheet – many of which require different subscriptions, apps, and connection points in order to get vehicles running again.

“This is incredibly frustrating for drivers and was one of the main driving forces behind teaming up with Monta, opening up charging points and bringing all charging operations into one application. Garo and Monta are both peer-to-peer champions as well having a network of energy providers and manufacturers, and we felt it was the perfect opportunity to come together to free up the UK’s charging network and provide better infrastructure for EV drivers.”

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