Jumptech partnership to bolster Fulcrum’s presence in domestic EV charging market

Fulcrum, the leading independent multi-utility infrastructure and services provider, has established a new partnership with Jumptech to support the delivery of its Electric Vehicle (EV) projects for residential customers.

Fulcrum, which delivers energy infrastructure to power the UK’s net-zero future, including the EV charging network, will utilise Jumptech’s platform to provide an enhanced customer experience to project manage its home charging installation programmes.

The partnership is part of Fulcrum’s strategy to further grow its presence in the EV charging infrastructure market and strengthens its ability to provide a comprehensive, end to end service to its residential customers.

The platform allows customers to easily supply information about their property and their home charging needs.  It also enables Fulcrum’s EV team to streamline the installs, monitor their progress and share information in real time with their partners. The fully integrated workflow manages each job from survey through to commissioning, ensuring a seamless customer experience, whilst providing the flexibility of working with a network of installers across the country.

Together, Fulcrum and Jumptech will expand the partnership to also support Fulcrum’s established commercial EV charging activity.

Fulcrum works with a number of EV charging technology providers as well as directly with a range of customers to deliver the essential electrical infrastructure needed to power new charging stations in an increasing number of locations across Britain.

Jumptech has established several working relationships with companies operating in the EV charging market, which includes BP Pulse, Pod Point, YESSS Electrical and Good Energy.

Alex Hinchcliffe, head of EV charging infrastructure services at Fulcrum, said: “This partnership will support our growth in the home charging market and deliver efficiencies to our established operations, enabling our team to work closely with customers giving them the best possible service and experience.”

Phil Nunn, founder of Jumptech, said: “We’re looking forward to supporting Fulcrum’s continued growth in the sector by providing a fully integrated platform that enables them to work efficiently at scale with all their partners.”

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