“Fleet and charge point operators must work together for EV adoption”

Allstar Business Solutions is calling for greater collaboration between fleet managers and charge point operators to speed up the transition to EVs.

The company, which claims to be the UK’s largest fuel network, has more than 5,000 charge points as part of that network and more than 3,200 fast and 1,314 rapid chargers.

Despite the UK nearly 1 in 7 new cars sold so far in 2021 being powered all or in part by electricity, Allstar is calling for fleet managers and charge point operators (CPOs) to collaborate, so that the industry is able to meet the evolving needs of customers as adoption grows and towards the government’s 2030 green agenda.

Allstar cited the Electric Vehicle Fleet Accelerator (EVFA) scheme as a positive step for the industry, with the seven major British companies that have banded together to further accelerate the take up of EVs in the UK. The group’s recent report provides advice for the industry and government on how to achieve electrification targets, including government policy that could result in £50 billion in investment in infrastructure and electric fleets in the next five years.

The infrastructure supporting EVs is maturing all the time to make them fit for commercial use, and Allstar is making it its mission to be a part of the change for good by striving to create a universal network for fleets as they begin to transition to electric vehicles.

In order to achieve this, Allstar has partnered with key network providers including Engie EV Solutions, Source London, ESB Energy, Osprey, Alfa Power, Hubsta, EB Charging, Mer, Plug n Go, and Franklin Energy, ensuring it continues to improve infrastructure for the EV market and enable fleet operators to adopt the technology with greater ease.

Paul Holland, managing director of Allstar Business Solutions, said: “There has been great progress made in the move to widespread adoption of EVs, both for the public and for businesses. We must continue to drive innovation and ensure that any barriers to entry are removed well in advance of the 2030 deadline.

“Accelerating fleet take up of EVs will depend upon a holistic, multi-branded network for customers, but that will only come with collaboration and idea sharing within the industry, so it is key for providers to come together. That’s why we are calling on fleets and Charge Point Operators to continue the conversation with us so that we may be part of the solution, to help create a universal network for fleets, and support a smooth transition for UK businesses and drivers.”

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