Fastned continues European expansion with 200th fast charging station

European fast charging company Fastned has opened its 200th charging station, with the landmark site being unveiled in Germany.

Located north of Nuremberg just off the A70 highway, Neudrossenfeld station is the latest addition to Fastned’s fast expanding European network and the company’s 34th station in Germany. It’s equipped with four fast chargers that deliver up to 300 kW of charging speed. The company now has 200 scalable fast charging stations in operation across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK, offering more than 850 chargers to the growing number of drivers of electric vehicles (EVs).

With charging capacity of up to 300 kW, drivers can add up to 300 kilometres of range in just 15 minutes using wind and solar power. Fastned’s stations are open to all electric vehicles, regardless of their make and model, and are equipped with canopies that protect drivers from the rain and double as solar panels.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned, said: “In the past ten years, we’ve invested heavily in the creation of a fast charging network across Europe. I’m proud that we now have 200 stations in operation, a number that will continue to grow at an increasing pace. By having the technology, skills and knowledge in place we are in a unique position to help meet the growing need for fast charging. We believe that fast and convenient charging infrastructure is key to accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility.”

Fastned recently announced plans to open at least 65 charging stations with multiple chargers in 2022 – nearly 50 percent more than the 44 station openings in the previous year. This brings the total number of stations in operation to an expected 253 by year end.

In 2021, the company passed the mark of handling one million annual charging sessions, enabling 105 million of electric kilometres and helping avoid 16,410 tonnes of CO2 emissions.