ElectraMeccanica to Showcase SOLO EV at Goodwood Festival of Speed

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. is set to showcase its SOLO EV for the first time in Europe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The ElectraMeccanica SOLO EV will be on display at the FoS Electric Avenue and will also participate in the 1.16-mile Goodwood Hillclimb twice daily as part of the popular ‘Batch 6’ road car moving display.

The SOLO EV by ElectraMeccanica is a compact, single-seat, three-wheel vehicle with high-tech features, ample storage, up to 80 mph of speed, up to 100-mile range and plug-and-go charging.

Prices for the SOLO EV begin at $18,500 for the consumer model and $24,500 for the delivery-oriented SOLO Cargo model, which features an expanded cargo box to accommodate a wide variety of fleet and commercial applications.

Kevin Pavlov, CEO of ElectraMeccanica, commented: “I’m very proud to be part of the world-class Goodwood FoS event, showcasing our SOLO EV to UK and European audiences.”

Pavlov continued, “The way we know travel today is outdated. Everything, from infrastructure to fueling, parking and delivery, was built for and around the car instead of people – and as our needs, lifestyles and behaviors have changed, so too must the way we get around. At ElectraMeccanica, we’re embracing and building for that long-awaited change – and modernising mobility for what it needs to be today. I’m immensely looking forward to seeing the UK’s reaction to SOLO first-hand at Goodwood.”

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