Cupra showcases three new electrified models for the next three years

Cupra has unveiled three new electrified models that will be joining the manufacturers line-up by the middle of the decade.

By 2025 Cupra will have entered a new era with three new electrified models – Cupra Terramar, Cupra Tavascan and Cupra UrbanRebel – as well as renewing its current product line-up.

The new era of electrification for Cupra will begin with the Terramar, the brand’s first electrified SUV. The Terramar is described by Cupra as a “sports SUV that pays homage to Terramar, Sitges, combining bold proportions with striking design.” It will be produced in Hungary at Audi’s Györ plant.

The Cupra Terramar will be available with conventional gasoline powertrains as well as a new generation of plug-in hybrid powertrains that deliver around 62 miles (100 kilometres) in all-electric mode.

The next stage of the journey is the Cupra Tavascan, which will be launched in 2024. The car encapsulates Cupra’s electrified vision and will remain faithful to the 2019 concept car. Some design elements were strongly hinted at in the 2021 Cupra Tavascan Extreme E Concept.

In 2025, CUPRA will bring the UrbanRebel – its Urban Electric Car – to the market. The front-wheel drive Urban Electric Car uses the Volkswagen Group’s MEB Small platform to deliver a high-performance urban vehicle. Designed and developed in Barcelona, the CUPRA UrbanRebel will be launched in 2025

“The Cupra UrbanRebel will be the biggest project for our company in the upcoming years, since it is key for our transformation as a fully electric brand. We are leading the cluster development, the family of vehicles that will democratise sustainable urban mobility, for different brands within the Volkswagen Group”, said Werner Tietz, Vice-President for Research & Development at Cupra.

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Cupra, said: “Our aim is to deliver 500,000 cars per year and push forward with our international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments. The CUPRA Tribe is committed to making all this happen, it’s the people that count. Because at the end, it’s the people who make the brand.”

To date, the brand has delivered close to 200,000 units while its turnover has grown from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021. In 2022, Cupra intends to double its sales, turnover and global network of City Garages.

“We know exactly where we want to go, and I promise you it will not be boring. Every single model we will bring to the market will be a step ahead on our journey,” said Wayne Griffiths. “We will stay true to ourselves and be authentic, this is the spirit of the Cupra Tribe. We’ll do this the Cupra way, like we always have. The future is electric. The future is Cupra.”

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