Best 6 Fuel-Efficient Cars in KSA That Might Save Your Money 

Why do some individuals still prefer traditional gasoline vehicles over environmentally friendly electric cars, despite the widespread adoption of electric vehicles? Could it be due to perceptions of superior performance in gasoline cars compared to their electric counterparts?

Consumers continue to harbor concerns about investing in electric vehicles, especially regarding their range and safety features. Conversely, those interested in purchasing gasoline cars may prioritize fuel efficiency above all else.

Best Economical Cars in Saudi Arabia

Let’s explore some of the most fuel-efficient cars available in Saudi Arabia for 2024, according to the Saudi Label and Standard SL&S. This platform provides trusted tools for consumers to assess vehicles based on their fuel efficiency, ensuring compliance with specifications and standards in KSA. It’s worth highlighting that the vehicles listed below exclusively run on gasoline.

Toyota Yaris 2024 (22.4 Km/l)

Toyota Yaris has built a reputation for its fuel efficiency and outstanding reliability. Sporting a gasoline engine generating 97 horsepower and 122 Nm of torque, it is seamlessly paired with a CVT automatic transmission.

The Key highlights of the Toyota Yaris include its sleek and sporty design, featuring remarkable attention to detail. Equipped with a Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC), it ensures enhanced safety and handling. Additionally, it rides on 15-inch aluminum wheels and boasts LED headlights for improved visibility and style.

Suzuki Swift 2024 (22.1 Km/l)

Suzuki Swift epitomizes one of the brand’s most popular models, incorporating both practical and sporty elements. It caters to individuals seeking a fuel-efficient option while maintaining a modern and appealing design.

Honda City 2024 (20.9 km/l)

The 2024 Honda City showcases several design upgrades, creating a unique identity that distinguishes it from previous models. If you’re looking for a stylish sedan radiating confidence, this car might be the ideal choice for you.

Kia Picanto (20.2 Km/l)

Kia Picanto, known for its compact dimensions, comfort, and exceptional fuel economy, emerges as a cherished choice within its category. Its reputation for reliability and sleek design further solidify its appeal among discerning drivers.

MG5 2024 (19.5 Km/l)

Recently, there has been a notable demand for the MG 5 in Saudi markets, establishing it as a preferred option among customers in search of Chinese economical sedans. Renowned for its seamless performance, modern design, and comfortable ride on various roads, the MG 5 has garnered significant popularity.

Hyundai Elantra 2024 (19.3 Km/l)

This sedan addresses the diverse requirements of individuals in the Saudi market, especially after undergoing a recent facelift that has enhanced its modern sense. It is offered in four unique trim levels, featuring three engine options.


Despite the rise of electric vehicles, gasoline models remain popular due to perceived performance benefits. From the reliable Toyota Yaris to Hyundai Elantra, these cars offer a blend of performance and eco-friendliness. As the automotive industry evolves, fuel efficiency continues to drive innovation, providing consumers with reliable transportation choices.

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