New med-tech start-up Welzo to revolutionise UK healthcare

The current UK healthcare system is fraught with long waiting times and delays that keep its patients from getting the care and treatment they need when they need it.

The new online healthcare platform Welzo.com launching in September 2022, is set to change all of that.

Now, customers can order testing kits straight to their door and have their results returned within 2 days along with reviews from GMC-registered doctors who may recommend treatment if required. This treatment is then available for purchase from Welzo’s online pharmacy after the patient fills in a quick online consultation. All products and testing kits can be delivered to customers the next day if ordered before 4 pm on weekdays.

This platform intends to fast-track medical care. No longer will people have to jump between practitioners, pharmacies and testing facilities, now they can simply get the healthcare they need from one website. While Welzo’s online pharmacy and its variety of testing kits are the marquee features of the site, so too is the extensive library known as their Health Hub. This hub has been collated from medically trained writers from around the world who provide digestible insights on complicated medical concerns ranging from general health, chronic conditions and dietary guidelines to more specific issues relating to men’s, women’s and sexual health.

Accompanying the launch of the website is a roll-out of content specific to men’s health. This content is designed to help destigmatise common concerns that affect many men, ranging from hair loss and mental health to sexual health dysfunctions, as well as explainers for common men’s medications. These articles are also paired with recommendations for health tests and treatments. Alongside the Health Hub, those looking for answers for hair loss, testosterone support or male fertility tests can view the specific hubs such as the Men’s Healthcare page. These pages are intended to help guide users to appropriate treatment, or simply provide information and guidance for their concerns.

While men’s health is at the forefront of the Health Hub during the launch month, there are still countless articles that are intended for wider audiences, especially those who are concerned about chronic or genetic conditions. There are numerous articles that may be useful for people looking to adjust their diet for an increased nutrition intake, or who are looking for advice related to their sports performance. As seen with the men’s health content, advice and information relating to these topics can point readers towards health tests that may provide insights about underlying concerns. For example, tests such as the Weight Loss Blood Test, or the Thyroid Test could be used to diagnose a condition that may be hindering a weight loss attempt.

Welzo’s vast range of Private Blood Tests are available to be purchased on a one-time or subscription basis. The subscription option is designed so that you can be routinely sent your chosen health test, allowing you to have your individual concerns consistently examined and observed for any positive or negative variations. These tests can range from broad gender-specific general health tests, such as the Wellman or Well Woman checks, to specific checks that can help with heart disease, cholesterol or even cortisol levels. Tests are also available for individuals who wish to monitor their ovulation, menopause or fertility levels. Many of these tests require only a single finger prick of blood which is then sent to one of Welzo’s CQC-registered partner labs and analysed by AI technology.

Welzo’s motto is ‘healthcare, without the waiting rooms’. Their strategy aims to combine the usefulness of an informational blog, the treatment range of a pharmacy and the personalised care of a GP’s office, all to keep people at their optimum health.

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