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Tenways CGO600 Pro E-Bike Review: A Comfortable Commuter with Easy Maintenance

Tenways, a Netherlands-based company, entered the market in 2021, focusing on making daily commuting effortless, speedy, eco-friendly, and fun.

Their CGO600 Pro is part of the “City Commuter” Collection and available in Avocado Green, Midnight Black, Sky Blue and Pebble Grey, designed specifically for paved road commuting.


The Tenways CGO600 Pro arrives partially assembled, requiring the installation of the front wheel, handlebars, pedals, mudguards, and battery. With some bike assembly experience, the process takes about 30 minutes. For those less experienced, the clear manual and provided tools help, but it may take longer. Alternatively, local bike shops can assemble the e-bike for a fee.

The small screen on the handlebars, which displays assist mode, trip distance, battery charge, and other data, requires some learning. The Tenways app offers additional functionality, allowing riders to log rides and monitor their bike’s performance.

Tenways, a Netherlands-based company, entered the market in 2021, focusing on making daily commuting effortless, speedy, eco-friendly, and fun.

Frame and Components

The CGO600 Pro features a traditional aluminum frame and fork, weighing 37 pounds (41 pounds with the battery). It resembles a classic cruiser bike, with the battery discreetly integrated into the downtube. The bike has a single-speed drivetrain with a Gates CDN carbon belt, which is maintenance-free and can last up to 19,000 miles. The Gates CDX crankset, paired with a 60-tooth chainring and 22-tooth rear cassette, ensures smooth and quiet operation.

The bike comes with TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes, 700c aluminum rims, and CST puncture-proof tyres. It includes mudguards, a kickstand, and an integrated front light. However, it lacks a water bottle mount, requiring creative solutions for hydration needs.

Battery and Motor

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with a Mivice M080 350W rear hub motor and a 36V, 10Ah Lithium-ion battery with LG cells. This setup provides a 53-mile range and can handle hills up to 15 degrees. The battery is removable for convenient indoor charging, taking approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge. Tenways plans to achieve UL2271 and UL2849 certifications for their batteries by 2024.

The Ride

The CGO600 Pro excels in comfort and ease of use. The torque sensor ensures seamless pedal assistance, making hill climbs and cornering effortless. The greaseless belt drive keeps clothes clean, ideal for commuters heading to work. However, the bike decelerates quickly when coasting, requiring continuous pedaling for a smooth ride. The rubber grips on the handlebars can be uncomfortable on bare hands, and the brake levers are awkwardly positioned, making sudden stops challenging.

Value and Conclusion

Priced at £1,799, the CGO600 Pro is competitively priced for a commuter e-bike. It offers a removable battery, a 53-mile range, and a powerful 350W motor. While it is heavier and slightly more complex to assemble than some competitors, its low maintenance needs and comfortable ride make it an excellent choice for daily commuting.

The CGO600 Pro’s drawbacks include its weight, quick deceleration when coasting, and awkward brake lever positioning. Despite these issues, it remains a solid choice for commuters seeking an affordable, stylish, and practical e-bike. The CGO600 Pro stands out as an elevated commuter bike that can potentially replace car commutes, offering a pleasant and efficient riding experience.

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is a well-rounded commuter e-bike that offers excellent value, making it a strong contender for those looking to integrate biking into their daily routine.

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