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Extreme E’s documentary series hits global screens

Extreme E has launched a brand-new documentary series to tell the story of the electric off-road racing series.

The new magazine show – Electric Odyssey – will feature 20 episodes with behind-the-scenes access to the creation and progression of the new, fully-electric motorsport.

Three episodes of the new show will be released today at 6pm in the UK and will also be broadcasted across 180 other countries.

Extreme E says the documentary series aims to take the audience on a journey through all of the series’ race action and sporting insight, as well as its stories of climate change, science, sustainability and exploration to keep the conversation alive between each X Prix.

Ali Russell, chief marketing officer at Extreme E, said: “Electric Odyssey is a great series creating additional depth to the storytelling of the championship and extending the conversation outside of our five events in 2021. The plethora of behind-the-scenes sports shows focusing on football, basketball and Formula One for example show the appetite for this kind of content. But more than that, launches of channels like WaterBear – home to Extreme E content – demonstrates the importance of telling the wider stories of the series outside motorsport.

“I’m delighted that so many of our global broadcast partners are airing this unique content that gives a true insight to the people and personalities behind our unique sport for purpose.”

The shows are being created by Extreme E Studios – a joint venture between Aurora Media and North One – and run from now until January 2022.

Episodes will feature team owners Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, as well as drivers such as Sébastien Loeb, Carlos Sainz Snr., Timmy Hansen, Catie Munnings, Jamie Chadwick and Laia Sanz.

The episodes will also tell stories of each of the race locations, the St. Helena – Extreme E’s floating centrepiece – the climate crisis and the environmental issues each race aims to highlight.

Chris Carpenter, senior producer at Aurora Media, said: “Extreme E isn’t like many other sporting properties, there’s so much more narrative than just the racing. The Electric Odyssey series gives us a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the many other aspects of this championship.

“It’s not just a sports magazine show – it’s a hybrid of content.  Along with the incredible racing we’ll be including features about climate science, adventure travel, sustainable technologies and cultural & historical insights. All with the incredible natural back-drop of each event location.

“It’s going to be quite the adventure to make the series but a challenge we are relishing.”

Episode’s two and three focus on Extreme E’s first X Prix in Saudi Arabia, highlighting desertification and the championship’s Legacy Programme in The Red Sea to support turtle conservation.

The next stop for Extreme E is Lac Rose in Dakar, Senegal for the Ocean X Prix and the Electric Odyssey episodes around this race will highlight environmental challenges in the region, the ocean crisis, the Legacy Programmes which include planting one million mangroves and supporting local community project EcoZone, as well as racing action from some of the biggest names in motorsport.

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