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Reviewed: The Land Rover Series IIA by Everrati: A true British icon

Land Rovers are perhaps the most common vehicle to electrify, with a number of EV conversion companies trying their hand at transforming these classic off-roaders over to electric.

However, whilst many of these conversions see the Land Rover’s original engine replaced with the fastest possible electric motor, in order to achieve those headline 0-60 figures, Everrati’s approach is a little bit different.

The approach

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, is a team of EV conversion specialists beavering away on all different types of electric classic cars. From fully electric Porsche 911’s to a frightening GT40 conversion, Everrati have built a reputation of not converting cars in a way that retains the true identity of each and every vehicle, and the same approach has been taken with the Land Rover.

So how do you define a classic Land Rover Series IIA? According to Everrati, it is “a perfect combination of classic good looks and rugged capability, perfect for both urban and country environments alike.”

Although this 1960’s utilitarian vehicle has been made fit for the 21st century, Everrati’s approach means this vehicle stays true to its original self, and that begins with the design.

The design

An important step in the process of converting this car to electric is what Everrati calls “fortifying the fundamentals.” Everrati has intentionally left the design of this car, and instead, the process begins with stripping it down, removing all the bodywork and adding a protective zinc coating to prevent future corrosion.

All the traditional elements remain; the colour, the headlights, the grille. All the tiny details that make a Land Rover a Land Rover are still here, but they have been polished and accentuated to make it as good as new. In fact, the only giveaway that this is an electric Land Rover, is the subtle and discreet charging port, which is still hidden behind the original fuel cap.

The interior

It is more of the same on the inside, with the perfect blend between premium materials and a rustic sense of nostalgia.

The furnishings are fitted with a rich, brown leather, and the benches in the back are too, which complete the warm, wooden interior. Up front, it is more of a ‘nuts and bolts’ vibe, with a cold metal dash which features all the original gauges and dials, which have been upgraded for range and charging. The switches for the wipers are still reminiscent of the Land Rover’s original era, and there are other cute details such as the traditional ‘high and low range’ plate next to the huge, wooden steering wheel.

Up front, it is more of a ‘nuts and bolts’ vibe, with a cold metal dash which features all the original gauges and dials, which have been upgraded for range and charging
Up front, it is more of a ‘nuts and bolts’ vibe, with a cold metal dash which features all the original gauges and dials, which have been upgraded for range and charging

Other modern touches include heated seats, navigation and air conditioning, but this car is fully customizable so depending on your budget and whether you can supply a donor car or not, this car can be exactly how you want it to be.

The performance

Replacing this Land Rover’s dirty old, gas guzzling engine is a brand-new EV powertrain, designed by Everrati.

The state-of-the-art 60kWh battery pack gives this Land Rover 150bhp and 300Nm of torque, which completely transforms the nature of this car. It will also offer you a range of up to 125 miles or there abouts, so it is pretty much suited to the real world, particularly with its combined AC and DC Fast charging.

The performance of the Land Rover has been improved with a 0-60mph time of 13 seconds, which is ten seconds faster than the original, but this conversion is much more than just speed.

This is still a classic off-roader, designed and built for ruggedness and dependability. This Land Rover easily copes with any form of terrain and feels indestructible, just like any Landy should. However, thanks to its electric powertrain, it also means you can drive this in and around town comfortably, and also in ultra and zero emission zones.

It may be electric, but you will not enjoy all the benefits of an electric vehicle. In any other EV, the level of noise would be unacceptable, and it does bounce and rattle constantly. However, it is a Land Rover, and that all contributes to the charm and the warming sense of familiarity that you get whilst behind the wheel of this car. You do not expect a smooth, silent driving experience; instead, you welcome the bumps and shakes because that is what you expect from a Land Rover.

The Land Rover features both 2WD and 4WD configurations, as well as the high and low range settings, too, so you can drag every ounce of performance out of this car to tackle any environment.

The verdict

There is so much legacy and heritage with Land Rover’s that converting a classic such of this is always going to raise a few eyebrows and bring on comments of “sacrilege.” However, as I said at the start of this review, this project is so much more of an EV-party piece.

Everrati has taken a holistic approach to this conversion. The team, headed by co-founder Justin Lunny, has considered the true identity of this vehicle and ensured that the core DNA of the Land Rover is present throughout. From the untouched exterior, the plush interior and driving experience that is still reminiscent of being behind the wheel of an original 1960’s model, this is the most authentic Land Rover conversion you are likely to find.

Yes, it’s a Land Rover. Yes, it’s electric. But once you’re behind the wheel, as far as I’m concerned, this is just another classic Land Rover. A true British icon.

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