The pivotal role of home charging in the EV infrastructure of tomorrow

Jordan Brompton of myenergi discusses the accelerating transition to electrification and explains why home charging will play such a pivotal role in the national EV infrastructure of tomorrow.

According to the latest insight from EV mapping service Zap-Map, 1,213 new public chargepoints were installed across the UK in April. Yet another record-breaking month, this brings the total number of chargepoints to an impressive 31,507 devices spanning 19,707 locations nationwide.

Of this total, more than 18% (5,751 devices) are classed as either rapid or ultra-rapid, providing speeds of up to 100kW and offering up to 70 miles of charge in as little as 15 minutes.  The rise of ultra-rapid devices alone has shown hugely impressive growth, with installation rates rising by more than 74% in the past 12 months.

The continued growth of the public EV charging network means that there are now almost four times more charging points than petrol stations in the UK,  with installation rates continuing to increase at pace. Indeed, over the past few months alone, Gridserve has opened yet another state-of-the-art electric forecourt, while ABB E-mobility and Shell have entered a global framework agreement (GFA) to accelerate the uptake of alternatively-fuelled vehicles and help support Shell’s ambition of operating 500,000 charging points globally by 2025…

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