Volta Trucks awarded €24.6 million subsidy from Germany

Volta Trucks has announced the approval of funding projects submitted to the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport in Germany.

A total of 151 all-electric Volta Zero trucks will be subsidised, providing support to Volta Trucks’ customers totalling €24.6 million.

The subsidies granted by the German Ministry will be used to reduce vehicle costs. This promises competitive prices and makes the switch to an electric vehicle fleet even more attractive for many companies. Volta Trucks will deliver the first subsidised Volta Zero all-electric trucks to customers in 2023. All orders received in Germany by June 2023 can benefit from a subsidy.

“We are delighted that the Volta Zero has been successful in securing the subsidy funding from the Federal Ministry in Germany. This is a major achievement and enormous recognition for our all-electric truck even before the official start of production in the second quarter of this year,” says Usuf Schermo, Area Sales Manager Germany & Austria at Volta Trucks. “With the new climate and transformation fund, Germany is becoming an absolute pioneer in Europe, from which Volta Trucks customers can now also benefit.”

The subsidy awarded in Germany for the Volta Zero contributes to the implementation of the German government’s Climate Protection Programme 2030. The aim is to put low-CO2 emitting commercial vehicles on the road and to expand the refuelling and charging infrastructure. By 2030, about one third of the vehicle output in heavy goods transport in Germany is to be electric or based on electricity-based fuels.

From 2021 to 2026, around 1.3 billion euros are available to support the purchase of climate-friendly commercial vehicles. In addition, around 6.3 billion euros will be available for the construction or expansion of refuelling and charging infrastructure for cars and trucks. The additional investment costs for vehicle and infrastructure procurement will be subsidised by 80 percent, and feasibility studies will also be supported.

The 151 Volta Zeros will receive a total of €24.6 million in funding from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport under the Directive on the Promotion of Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles with Alternative, Climate-friendly Drive Systems and Associated Fuelling and Charging Infrastructure (KsNI). The funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH, and applications are approved by the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility.

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