Survey finds almost half of EV owners miss out on off-peak charging rates

Almost half of electric vehicle drivers could be missing out on cheaper off-peak electricity costs at home, according to Smart Home Charge.

The research from the home charging retailer consisted of surveying over 300 EV owners, and it found that drivers are missing out on the cheapest rates of charging whilst inflation reaches a new 30 year high.

The results show that 88 per cent of those polled own an EV, with 46 per cent of all respondents confirming they are using a standard electricity rate for their home charging needs rather than a cheaper off-peak rate.

However, around 57 per cent of those surveyed are making use of time scheduling to charge their vehicles at specific times when electricity is cheaper, typically overnight.

Danny Morgan, Editor and Marketing Manager at Smart Home Charge, said: “After reviewing the feedback and data from our customer survey, it is clear that many EV owners are missing out on the potential savings from using off-peak electricity rates to charge their vehicles at home. With the ongoing rise in energy prices, our advice would be for EV owners to find an energy tariff designed for electric car charging at home, helping them to further reduce the running costs of their EV.”

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