Rightcharge partners with Perrys to boost smart EV charging in the UK

Rightcharge has partnered with UK franchise car dealership group Perrys to help further accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Britain.

The agreement will see Rightcharge become Perrys recommended partner to help its customers find the best possible deals on home chargers and energy tariffs most suited to their individual needs.

It means that Perrys’ customers can access a wide range of home charge points, get an instant recommendation based on their requirements and benefit from shorter installation times thanks to Rightcharge’s network of over 70 handpicked UK installation companies.

Charlie Cook CEO of Rightcharge said: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Perrys and look forward to making the EV buying process a simple and enjoyable experience as partners. By working with great companies like Perrys we can bring better smart charging advice into more UK showrooms and online purchase journeys, which will help save customers money and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Denise Millard CEO of Perrys said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Rightcharge. It can initially be difficult to navigate the different options available when switching to an EV. By partnering with Rightcharge we can guide and support our customers who are considering the switch to an electric vehicle and help them find the best home chargers and EV-friendly energy tariffs, saving some money in the process.

“At a time when UK households are facing an increase in energy prices, savings like this can make a real difference. Perrys has seen a considerable growth in demand for EVs and this continues, especially as manufacturers are launching new electric and hybrid models as we approach 2030, when the Government’s petrol ban will become effective in the UK.”

The Perrys deal is the latest announcement from Rightcharge which now supports over 200 dealership locations in the UK, with more planned in future.

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