NIO unveils flagship ET9 at brand’s ‘NIO Day’

Chinese electric vehicle brand NIO unveiled a new, flagship ET9 model at the brand’s NIO Day event in December.

The NIO ET9 will be equipped with China’s first Full-Domain 900V Architecture, boasting the highest voltage of 925V, a charging peak power of 600kW, and a charging peak current of 765A. The 900V ultra-fast charging and swapping platform allows fast recharging after a 3-minute battery swap or extending the range by 255km (158 miles) with a 5-minute charge.

With a length of 5,325mm, a width of 2,016mm, a height of 1,620mm, and a wheelbase of 3,250mm, the ET9 will adopt a ‘landjet’ design to maximise cabin space, comfort, safety, and steering. The innovative “Sky Island” and “Executive Bridge” create exclusive first-class comfort. Inside the “Executive Bridge”, NIO ET9 offers a 360-degree versatile tray table for the passengers in the rear seats, which can be adjusted at any angle. The first-class rear seats of NIO ET9 file 24 self-developed patented technologies, with a maximum backrest adjustment angle of 45 degrees, a seat cushion width of 582mm, and 11 adjustments with one click.

At NIO Day 2023, NIO also launched the fourth-generation NIO Power Swap Stations (PSS 4.0) and the 640kW Liquid Cooled Power Charger. PSS 4.0 is compatible with multiple brands and reduces the overall swapping time by 22%. Equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems, PSS 4.0 saves nearly 18,000kWh of electricity annually. NIO 640kW Power Charger has a maximum current of 765A, maximum voltage of 1000V, and a peak charging power of 640kW. The charging power can be automatically allocated within the station. In 2024, NIO will build 1000 Power Swap Stations and 20,000 chargers, further enhancing the charging experience for users.

“Faced with the complexities of the world, we need to adhere to our values, ambition and responsibility, and maintain passion for life and belief in the future,” said NIO’s founder, chairman, and CEO, William Li. “NIO ET9, the smart electric executive flagship, comprehensively showcases NIO’s R&D strengths and achievements. Integrated with over 100 NIO full-stack technologies, NIO ET9 reaches a new height of innovation and technological development, representing NIO’s determination, confidence, and ambition in leading the premium smart EV market and providing high-quality products and services to our users.”

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