NIO powers up third-generation battery swap technology in Europe

Chinese electric vehicle brand NIO is continuing the rollout of its advanced third-generation PSS 3.0 technology in Europe.

Last month, NIO, Geely Holding and Changan Auto announced their comprehensive cooperation on battery swapping standards, technology, network expansion and operation, swappable model development, and battery asset management.

Based on the principles of strategic recognition, sharing, and openness, NIO and Geely Holding have announced strategic cooperation in the area of battery swapping. In accordance with the agreement and through a “co-investment, co- construction, shared, co-operative” model, both parties will co-develop two battery swapping standards for private cars and commercial vehicles, accelerate the development and promotion of battery swapping technology on the vehicle end, and expand the operational scale of battery swapping to provide more convenient, comprehensive and safe services for users with different needs. Both parties will establish an efficient battery asset management mechanism, build a unified battery swap operation, and develop battery swappable vehicles compatible with each other’s battery swap systems.

PSS 3.0, NIO’s third-generation PSS technology, is already bringing rapid Smart EV battery swapping within reach for NIO users across Europe, with over 30 PSS locations now available across Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

The battery swapping infrastructure is available to the 98%* of NIO users that subscribe to its Battery as a Service (BaaS) leasing model, allowing them to own their vehicle without committing to a single battery.

NIO’s unique PSS solution is also designed to protect the residual values of smart EVs, allowing NIO BaaS users to continue to refresh their battery throughout ownership. Eliminating any common concerns regarding battery degradation, NIO’s BaaS model means users are not tied to one specific vehicle battery, with the company offering full technical support throughout the subscription.

Currently available in China, NIO users can upgrade or downgrade their battery to suit their requirements, allowing vehicle range and battery specification to be tailored throughout vehicle ownership.

NIO’s latest third-generation PSS 3.0 infrastructure can perform up to 408 swaps per day, with storage for up to 21 vehicle batteries at each location. Designed to maximise the flexibility and convenience of EV usership, NIO’s unique technology allows a rapid battery swap in less than three minutes, without the need for users to leave the car or wait to recharge.

Following the recent launch of two new third-generation PSS 3.0 locations in Malmö and Arlandastad, Sweden, NIO users are now enjoying of an expanding network of battery swap facilities, with five PSS 3.0 locations and 25 other PSS locations opened across NIO’s current European markets since January 2022.

NIO’s third-generation PSS 3.0 locations are equipped with a 2-megawatt hour (MWh) energy storage system, designed to feed energy back into the grid if required. PSS 3.0 users will also benefit from an even faster battery swapping experience, available in less than three minutes and accelerated by up to 20%.

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