More electric cars key to public charging infrastructure growth

A shortage of public charging infrastructure is hindering electric vehicle sales, according to a new report from New AutoMotive.

New AutoMotive, a transport research organisation, asked EV manufacturers, installers and charging infrastructure managers about the barriers to industry growth. They said that increasing demand for charging services was essential to ensuring the network continues to grow. Without more EV drivers on the roads, the UK’s public EV charging network will grow at a slower rate.

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate is the government’s most effective means of ensuring the supply of EVs into Britain meets growing demand. Ensuring supply will help increase EV uptake, which in turn will mean that the UK’s public charging network continues to expand at pace.

Increasing the number of electric cars on the road will also help the charging industry achieve its full economic potential, creating jobs across Britain. An ambitious ZEV mandate would make it more profitable for manufacturers to sell EVs in the UK, lowering the upfront cost of an EV and allowing more drivers to make the switch to electric.

Ciara Cook, Research & Policy Officer at New AutoMotive, commented: “Contrary to popular belief, the UK’s charging infrastructure rollout is being held back by EV uptake, rather than the other way around. The UK’s transition to electric mobility must not lose its hard won momentum. In order to ensure investment and the continued expansion of the UK’s public charging network the government must help more drivers make the switch to electric.”

“The UK infrastructure industry is calling out for more electric cars on the road and it is essential that the government responds. A ZEV mandate with high trajectories and ambitious take-up targets will help ensure the supply of EVs can meet demand, lower the upfront costs of an EV, and facilitate more and more Britons making the switch. The government should not allow concessions that risk hindering the transition and making the mandate meaningless.”

“As the number of EVs on the road rises demand for public charging services will increase, and the UK’s fledgling charging infrastructure industry will grow – creating jobs around the country and making it even easier to charge an electric car

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