Kempower launches new charging solution for up to 1000V

Kempower has launched a new adaptive voltage charging solution which allows its chargers to work with EV batteries up to 1000V.

The company developed the solution in response to an increasing number of EVs with higher battery voltages and capacities being produced by electric car manufacturers to cut charging times.

Adaptive voltage charging is an extension of Kempower’s existing dynamic EV charging solution, which optimizes charging curves when multiple chargers at a single fast charging hub are in use.

Kempower has responded to the changing market by developing a new fast-charging solution that optimizes the higher power potential of the new batteries coming onto the market. The new feature increases the company’s dynamic charging options, which allows charging capacity to be shared between EVs at the same charging hub and optimizes charging curves. The new adaptive voltage charging solution further enhances these benefits by enabling chargers to take full advantage of higher-voltage batteries, resulting in even quicker charging times for customers.

Although the solution has been designed to serve EVs with a battery voltage capacity of up to 1000V, it can work with voltages up to 500V. Even though there are not many EVs with 1000V capacity batteries currently on the market, Kempower is ensuring that its solution is futureproofed for further advances in battery technology.

Commenting on the new solution, Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, said: “Our customers already love our flexible dynamic charging, so we’re thrilled to be able to enhance their charging experience even further with this new solution. What makes this adaptive voltage charging solution so special is that it is fully sustainable. It works with batteries of up to 1000V – which aren’t even on the market yet – yet also benefits drivers of EVs with batteries below 500V. We’re alleviating queue anxiety for all EV drivers – everybody wins.”