InstaVolt energises its 1,000th charger in the UK

InstaVolt has energised its 1,000th charger, which is part of the expansion of the popular Stroud Park charging hub location in Oxfordshire.

The milestone comes a year on from EQT Infrastructure’s acquisition of InstaVolt in March 2022 and reinforces EQT’s commitment to accelerate InstaVolt’s expansion plans. In the last year InstaVolt has grown its network by 45%, demonstrating the progress being made in charging infrastructure expansion through private sector investment.

The announcement follows a period of growth for InstaVolt, with overseas expansion progressing alongside several key partnership announcements meaning that the company is on track to install 10,000 rapid chargers in the UK by 2032.

As well as continuing to develop sites with its corporate partners including Costa Coffee, McDonald’s and EH Booths supermarkets, InstaVolt is also developing a number of new hubs at strategically chosen locations across the country.

InstaVolt and the industry as a whole is committed to significant expansion and strive toward bettering the UK’s charging infrastructure at a time of notable consumer uptake, with SMMT announcing a 19.1% year to date increase in EV registrations, and almost 500,000 new plug-in vehicles expected to be registered in 2023.

InstaVolt’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Keen, said: “It’s a huge accomplishment to energise our 1,000th UK charger. Improving public charging infrastructure across the country is key for consumers to feel confident enough to make the switch to electric vehicles. This week’s SMMT figures highlight the continued rise in EVs on the road, and our roll-out programme demonstrates our commitment to supporting this. The demand is there and CPOs – alongside policy makers and government – need to continue to provide the infrastructure for the switch to be successful.

“Over the next ten years, we’ll continue to strive towards our goal of energising 10,000 rapid EV chargers by 2032, prioritising the hub model which will have reliability and accessibility at its core.”

Responding to industry demand and in line with PAS1899 BSI standards for accessible charge points, InstaVolt’s Stroud Park site features some fully accessible charging bays, as part of InstaVolt’s commitment to provide accessible charging at new site locations. The new Stroud Park expansion will be open and available to the public next week, following a short period of commissioning.

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