InstaVolt doubles number of rapid chargers at Banbury site

InstaVolt is to add 16 new chargers to its Banbury hub to become one of the largest charging hubs in the UK.

The expansion of the popular charging site will see 16 new 120kW rapid chargers installed alongside the existing array of 16 rapid chargers. This will take the total number of chargers to 32, giving more drivers access to easy to use, reliable and rapid charge points on one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

The new chargers will sit behind the existing Banbury site, and minimal disruption will be experienced on site during the installation and no chargers will be unavailable during construction of the project. These additional chargers will be energised from spring 2023.

Responding to industry demand and in line with the recently announced PAS1899 BSI standards for accessible charge points, the site extension will include four wider access bays and four fully accessible bays with the required 1.2m distancing in front of, and between the chargepoints. All 16 new chargers will be installed flush to the ground at the same level as the parking bay and the site will feature additional lighting throughout.

The extension of the Banbury hub forms part of InstaVolt’s significant infrastructure expansion plans following its acquisition by EQT earlier this year. The company is working towards its target of 10,000 rapid EV chargers by 2032 and has already increased its network by nearly 50 per cent in the last 12 months. This major development at Banbury forms part of the organisation’s dedication to improving charging infrastructure to meet growing demand for public EV chargers throughout the UK and Europe.

InstaVolt’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Keen said: “The number of EVs on the road is up year on year, with recent figures showing the ratio of EVs to charge points now sits at 15:1. While this figure is impressive and shows that EV uptake is far from stalling, it also demonstrates that work still needs to be done to ensure the charging infrastructure keeps up with demand.

“InstaVolt is building rapid EV chargers to meet consumers’ needs and as a company, we go further than just installing charge points – we want to be industry leaders and ensure we’re building chargers that everyone can use. By expanding our existing Banbury hub to include fully accessible charge points, we’re demonstrating our commitment to improving the industry’s accessibility issues, where we are able to do so.”

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