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Bonnet reveals new services to power electric fleets

Bonnet, the electric vehicle charger aggregator, has launched a new service for large and small fleet managers.

As well as connecting fleet managers to over 220,000 charge points across the UK and Europe, ‘Dash’ will allow fleet managers access to a bespoke management platform, provide advanced charging behaviour data, and offer simplified invoicing options.

The web-based fleet management platform, currently offered at £4.20 + VAT per month, will allow fleet managers to see detailed data on their drivers’ charging behaviour. This allows fleet operators to encourage preferred charging behaviours – potentially to optimise uptime, extend battery lifespan, or minimise charging costs, according to the manager’s business needs.

Dash will even be able to be integrated with drivers’ home chargers in the near future, allowing businesses to benefit from low-cost off-peak charging tariffs, and reducing the administration time of reimbursing drivers and employees.

Fleet subscribers will also benefit from business-optimised invoicing options. All driver charging costs can now be bundled into one monthly invoice, reducing costs and simplifying back-office work. It takes less than five minutes for fleet managers to sign up, with affiliated drivers adding themselves through an online invitation – further reducing administration.

Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet, said: “There are already 20,000 fleet drivers using Bonnet’s services and we hope our unique offer to business customers will help managers to save time and money.

“Over the past two years, we’ve been listening closely to fleet managers’ needs and firmly believe Dash will deliver what they’re looking for.

“In particular, the challenges posed to many drivers by sometimes sporadic or unreliable infrastructure can be overcome through Bonnet’s industry-leading technology and use of live data.”

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