Electric Celebrities – The A-listers with electric vehicles

From George Clooney to Chris Martin, eco conscious celebrities are leading the charge when it comes to electric cars, with Brits being warned about the environmental damage from vehicles.

Motoring experts at have researched the top celebs who have already made the switch to green with some EV inspo.

Celebrities have been leading the way in influencing the change to electric – Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has had a longtime passion for environmental change, and the influential Kardashian-Jenner family all recently added EV’s to their garage of cars.

With a tough new ban on petrol and diesel cars hitting the UK in 2030, Brits are being encouraged to opt for the more environmentally friendly choice: electric cars.

A spokesperson for said: “It’s becoming increasingly important that drivers opt for an electric vehicle option. Recent years have seen a serious push for sustainability, and motorists are being urged to pick more environmentally-friendly options for driving.

“The government ban on petrol and diesel cars comes into force in a few years, so choosing an electric car is no longer an unusual choice for Brits…and many celebrities have already been doing it for decades.

“From George Clooney’s tiny electric Tango T600 to Kristen Scott-Thomas’ EV seen whizzing around the capital, eco conscious celebs have long been choosing electric vehicles and are paving the way for others to opt for more sustainable driving, too.

“Many people think that EV’s are expensive, but in reality electric cars have really come down in price over the last few years – they’re no longer reserved for rich Hollywood stars. There are also options to lease electric cars making EV’s a much more feasible option for drivers now than ever before.”

A-listers who have already opted to go fully electric:

George Clooney 

In 2005 Clooney brought the Tango T600, making him one of the first celebrities to own and drive an electric car. The vehicle was funny looking since it measured just 39 inches wide with the battery fitted underneath the floor.

The Tango T600 cost George Clooney around $100,000 at the time, but the tiny EV was not a big market hit as it didn’t make it into mass production. But, he was one of the first celebrities to kickstart the initial green car movement.

Leonardo DiCaprio 

The actor is a famed household name, but is also passionate and well known for his environmental campaign efforts. DiCaprio is often seen driving around in his Polestar 2 fully electric car.

The Hollywood star also owns several other EV’s, including a 2001 Toyota hybrid car and a 2008 Tesla Roadster (which cost him a whopping $1 million!).


The British band recently went back on tour after taking a break in 2019 until more environmentally-friendly touring methods could be put in place.

Coldplay’s recent ‘Music of the Spheres’ world tour has collaborated with BMW to create the first ever rechargeable, mobile concert battery to power their stage show. The BMW i3 batteries are a world first and shows Coldplay’s commitment to renewable, clean energy.

Kristin Scott-Thomas

The famous British actress has a host of awards under her belt, and she is also an early adopter of electric vehicles.

Scott-Thomas has used her EV for over a decade now. She owns a Reva G-Whiz and uses the urban-designed micro electric car to whizz around London.

The Kardashian-Jenner Family 

This influenced-famed family all own a large fleet of cars, and last Christmas Kris Jenner added to their collections. She purchased six EV’s, one for each of her children.

Jenner spent over $130,000 on Moke cars which all feature in various customised colours. Moke cars are classified as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) and are designed to nip around gated communities and golf courses, with their max speed of 25 mph.

Mokes have a long British history since the 1960s and later gained more popularity as beach buggies; and now as a fully electric LSV for the Kardashian-Jenners.