ChargeGuru launches fully funded charging package for UK flats

EV charging provider ChargeGuru UK, has begun rolling out a fully-funded apartment block solution across the UK to help landlords and property managers increase facilities for their tenants.

The roll-out aims to accelerate the availability of EV charging infrastructure for people living in flats and apartment blocks, addressing the issues faced by drivers who don’t have their own private driveways.

The launch follows ChargeGuru’s arrival in the UK last March and will expand upon the more than 16,000 buildings across Europe that have lready adopted ChargeGuru’s fully-funded solution.

ChargeGuru has partnered with The Property Institute (TPI) to simplify access to EV charging for its members and foster education and awareness of the availability of EV charging infrastructure within the property management industry, with landlords and managers of apartment blocks a key target.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey of expanding our scalable charging solution across the UK”, said Denis Watling, managing director, ChargeGuru UK.

“Our unique solution enables the sector to offer their residents true ‘at home’ charging, at zero upfront cost to building owners and managers. By joining forces with TPI, we’re enabling its members to future-proof the buildings in their portfolio through the delivery of EV charging infrastructure at scale, with zero cost or admin burden.”

Better access to charging which doesn’t rely on on-street or other public infrastructure is seen as key to helping those living in flats switch to electric vehicles. Watling added: “By offering our funded solution throughout the entirety of the UK and activating partnerships with the TPI member base, we are helping to facilitate widespread adoption of EVs and ensure that UK apartment buildings are fully equipped and future-proofed with reliable and scalable EV charging solutions, ultimately aiding the transition to an electric future.”

Malcolm Perryman, Chief Commercial Officer at TPI, commented: “We are excited to partner with ChargeGuru UK to help our members simplify access to EV charging for their residents. We aim to help empower property managers and residents of apartment buildings with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the transition towards an electric future.”

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Matt Allan

Matt is Editor of EV Powered. He has worked in journalism for more than 20 years and been an automotive journalist for the last decade, covering every aspect of the industry, from new model reveals and reviews to consumer and driving advice. The former motoring editor of, The Scotsman and National World, Matt has watched the EV landscape transform beyond recognition over the last 10 years and developed a passion for electric vehicles and what they mean for the future of transport - from the smallest city cars to the biggest battery-powered trucks. When he’s not driving or writing about electric cars, he’s figuring out how to convert his classic VW camper to electric power.