Carnato tailors its EV leasing package with Zapmap Premium

Electric vehicle leasing company Carnato has joined forces with Zapmap to provide its customers with a membership to  Zapmap Premium.

Carnato, whose aim is to revolutionise the way people experience mobility, is striving to ensure it offers customers an all-in-one electric experience. The company not only takes care of customers’ vehicles and chargers, but now provides every electric vehicle lease with a one-year Zapmap Premium membership included as standard.

With Carnato’s approach centred on the three core principles of education, simplicity and support, the leasing company has created an enhanced proposition that includes a one-year Zapmap Premium subscription, providing a wide-ranging set of tools to help drivers when out on the road.

On top of Zapmap’s core features, Zapmap Premium provides additional capabilities including enhanced filters and the ability to access Zapmap within the in-car dashboard via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This means Carnato’s EV customers can access everything they need to find and pay for charging while on the go – from locating a suitable charger quickly and easily, through to accessing route plans and linking to their preferred navigation app for turn-by-turn directions.

Kris Jakobsen at Carnato, said: “Carnato’s journey began with a vision to revolutionise the way people experience mobility. So I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with Zapmap, not least because it represents a major step along the road towards an increasingly electric future.

“Not only does Carnato’s vision place electric transportation front and centre, it also recognises that for many people across the UK making the switch to an electric car can sometimes feel like a bit of a leap.

“It’s why we’ve developed tools like our EV Fuel Savings Calculator and why our partnership with Zapmap is so important. Together, we can ensure that Carnato customers drive smarter with Zapmap Premium, helping them enjoy their electric leasing experience wherever they go.

“We take great pains to make sure we’re not just another electric vehicle leasing company. Including a Zapmap Premium membership as standard in our leases means we can truly be a trusted partner to each and every one of our customers on the journey to cleaner, more efficient, and more affordable motoring.”

James Peacock, Partnerships Manager at Zapmap, said: “It’s great to see this partnership with Carnato coming to fruition. By collaborating with Zapmap, Carnato has sent a clear signal to drivers across the UK that it is prepared to provide its customers with the best support available as they transition to electric mobility.

“This is a really exciting partnership for a number of reasons, not least because of the tangible benefits now on offer to Carnato’s electric car customers. From identifying the newest charge points in their area, to finding sites based on user rating, Carnato customers will be able to navigate quickly and easily to the charging location that best suits their needs with Zapmap Premium.”

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