British Gas launches UK’s cheapest EV charging rate

Electric car drivers can now charge their vehicles at home for less than 5p per kWh as part of a new package from British Gas.

The energy firm says that its Hive SmartCharge service offers the country’s cheapest way to charge an EV at home.

Using the firm’s Hive app and a smart home charger, customers are able to save up to 4p/kWh on British Gas’s regular Electric Driver tariff, cutting the cost to just 4.95p/kWh. That undercuts most rival energy firms, who charge between 6p and 8p per kWh.

New customers are also being offered up to 8,000 miles’ worth of free home charging if they buy one of British Gas’s Hive home chargers.

EV-specific tariffs like Electric Driver offer a reduced price for energy at certain low-demand times of the day – typical overnight. In tandem with a smart charger and app, this allows drivers to schedule their EV’s charging for when energy is at its cheapest.

Under the new British Gas offer, drivers simply plug their car in and leave the app to work out the cheapest time to charge. Drivers who plug in for six hours or more, including overnight between 12am and 5am, will receive 4p/kWh back on their charging bill. Those who plug for less than six hours will see 2p/kWh credited back to their account.

Kim Royds, director of mobility at British Gas parent company Centrica, said: “We’re committed to making the transition to net zero simple and affordable and electric vehicles play a key part in this. Through our innovative SmartCharge offering, we’re helping EV owners take charge of their energy bills and access the cheapest EV charging rate on the market while also helping manage the demand on the grid.”

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