Bo moves to production with Bo M electric scooter

Electric mobility brand Bo has confirmed the full launch specifications the Bo M, a new electric vehicle for city riders.

Announced in 2022, the Bo M is now engineered for production with hundreds of design advancements to bring more performance, reliability and quality,  all within a form that stays true to the Bo M concept revealed last year.With the final specification and production prototypes now complete, the Bo M showcases a focus on robust and intuitive features, designed in order to improve every journey. It utilises the unique Bo SafesteerTM technology to create a smooth and stable ride, combined with category-leading motor torque and power ratings, and functional innovations to deliver the most sophisticated riding experience.

Bo was founded by two engineers, formerly of Williams F1 Advanced Engineering, and a Jaguar Land Rover designer, giving the company a fundamental understanding of vehicle dynamics and manufacturing, which has been uniquely applied to the Bo M, the first product in a transformative range of Bo lightweight electric vehicles.

Bo co-founder and CEO Oscar Morgan said; “Moving to production is a momentous moment for our company. The entire Bo team has worked tirelessly with a common aim; to create a product that will consistently delight our riders. The team has been focused on developing game-changing features, like our Monocurve chassis with integrated Lock and Load hooks, and safety enhancements such as Safesteer™, whilst using our experience in automotive design to build visually exciting vehicles people feel proud to own and ride. We are excited to see the culmination of these efforts within the Bo M and I cannot wait for our first riders to take delivery of their M later this year.”

Following 24 months of development and engineering refinement, the Bo M enters production with a raft of technological features and advancements all designed to ensure every rider gets the maximum possible enjoyment from each journey. These improvements include a 100% increase in the chassis strength, and an increase in peak power output from 1000W to a category-leading 1200W. There has also been further developments with the lighting system, with a maximum headlight power increased to 800 lumens, the addition of automatic temperature control, as well as signature start up and power off light animations. The main chassis section has been retooled, increasing the width for improved ergonomics and battery capacity. This allows for extended range and an even more comfortable stance when riding.

SafesteerTM technology is a world-first in micro-mobility vehicles, a dynamic steering stabilisation system developed by Bo to set the benchmark for control and inspire rider confidence. This patent-pending technology, fully integrated within the Bo chassis, assists and stabilises the steering through bumps, dips and potholes to keep the rider in perfect comfort and control. Novice and experienced riders often cite stability as their primary concern when riding over mixed terrain. Bo’s Safesteer™ technology gives a seamless, stable ride and builds confidence at every turn, allowing everyone to enjoy the ride.

SafesteerTM will deliver the smoothest and most stable ride while at the same time achieving a new benchmark in mechanical simplicity and reliability. The system is based on opposing force from a pair of bespoke wound torsion springs, housed within a unique Bo mechanism that delivers predictable steering correction up to a 50 degree turn angle. This system works to recreate the natural centering dynamic of a larger wheel and smooth the ride to give Bo riders an exceptional experience every time.

Bo co-founder and CCO, Luke Robus said: “We believe in the pursuit of simplicity. From the early sketches to prototypes and through to these pre-production models, the M’s lines come together without complication. This is testament to the rigorousness of our first-class engineering team integrating all the technology we’ve packed into the M. Never cluttering, or getting in the way of the product’s purpose, instead celebrating this new found simplicity with a design language you’ll see in evidence across the range of lightweight EVs we have planned for the future.”

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