Audi continues to roll out charging hub after success of initial pilot phase

Audi is set to open a new electric vehicle charging hub in Zurich following the success of the manufacturer’s EV hub pilot phase.

Between January and the end of April 2022, Audi registered some 3,100 charges at its Nuremberg site during the pilot phase of the world’s first quick-charging station with six reservable high-power charging points, an average of 24 charges at about 800 kWh per day.

Based on the insights gained in Nuremberg and the positive customer feedback, Audi is opening another version of the modular Audi charging hub system with four roofed charging points at two power cubes in Zurich starting in the second half of the year.

The so-called ‘cubes’ serve as the energy storage system in Nuremberg and at all future Audi charging hub stations. These flexible cube-shaped containers can be assembled and disassembled in short order at existing sites. Power is stored in recycled lithium-ion batteries, known as second-life batteries and taken from dismantled test vehicles. This system means the Audi charging hub’s battery-storage solution brings sustainable quick-charging infrastructure where the electric grid is not enough, operating six HPC charging points with up to 320 kW.

The Zurich site will also feature a reworked swivel arm that ensures barrier-free charging of all the cars across the entire width of the individual charging points with up to 320 kW of power. The operating displays at the charging points are height adjustable and clearance between cubes and cars has been designed to accommodate wheelchair users.

More compact than the site in Nuremberg, the Audi charging hub in Zurich is also based on the same modular design that enables the construction of a variously sized charging hub with or without a lounge. “The system’s modular design lets us react flexibly to on-site conditions,” explained Audi project leader Ralph Hollmig.

After Zurich, Audi is planning additional Audi charging hub sites for the second half of 2022. Two compact versions, similar to the Zurich site, will open in Berlin and Salzburg later this year. Three additional sites in German metropolises will help meet the increased charging demands in urban spaces starting in 2023.

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