Allstar and EVYVE to increase ultra-rapid charging access for UK fleets

Ultra-rapid EV charging provider EVYVE has Allstar’s electric vehicle charging network.

The deal with EVYVE further bolsters Allstar’s existing network with an additional 82 locations and 153 chargers. Of that 153, 112 are rapid and 42 are fast chargers. Allstar is focussed on enhancing the number of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers in its network to ensure drivers can get back on the road with speed, ease and minimum inconvenience. To achieve this goal, it is committed to making strategic partnerships, such as that with EVYVE that significantly enhance its EV charging network in this way.

This latest pairing brings Allstar’s total to more than 4,200 charging locations and over 12,100 charge points, of which 97% are fast, rapid and ultra-rapid.

As the UK makes the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles there is an increasing demand for charging infrastructure, and a lack of this is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to businesses starting their transition. EVYVE is therefore working to provide chargers in convenient and responsible locations across the UK, with many already situated in retail parks and the Greene King pub portfolio.

Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Global EV Solutions at Allstar, said: “While we are creating the UK’s largest EV network, we want to ensure that the services we offer are the most valuable, which is why partnering with EVYVE is so important. Not only are we increasing the number of charge points available on our network but they ensure that minimum time is spent off-road recharging, mitigating time wasted.”

James Moat, Founder and CEO at EVYVE, added: “Our mission is to create solutions that have a significant impact on the planet, people and the way we live, which is why we’re delighted to have partnered with Allstar to enable businesses to benefit from our solution as we all move towards a net-zero carbon UK.”

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