The longest range electric cars in the UK 2024

We all know that range anxiety is largely something that only non-EV owners worry about and most electric car drivers don’t even consider any more.

Even in the last five years we’ve seen massive gains in maximum range and even the most affordable EVs now offer more than enough for most weekly use.

But an EV’s range remains one of the biggest questions asked by drivers, and manufacturers are locked in an arms race to produce cars that can cover ever-greater distances without stopping, resulting in some truly impressive figures.

Here, we round up the EVs with the longest range currently on sale in the UK. Just be aware that with the rapid rate of change, it could well change again in a matter of weeks.

Tesla Model S, 373 miles. Price from £80,985

Tesla Model S

Tesla has long been lauded for the range of its cars and the speed at which they recharge. Even though the Model S is getting on in years, it’s still among the best in the business for all-out driving range. Pick a long-range model and its 95kWh battery should carry you 373 miles. The only catch is you’ll have to buy a left-hand-drive European model as the US firm has stopped building cars for the UK market.

Lotus Eletre, 373 miles. Price from £89,500

Lotus Eletre

Lotus is in the middle of a massive transformation, going from building small petrol-powered sports cars to making all-electric models straddling the SUV, grand tourer and hypercar spheres. The Eletre is its first EV, a self-proclaimed ‘hyper-SUV’ that packs up to 893bhp and breathtaking performance in range-topping R specification. Even entry-level cars offer 595bhp and, thanks to a 109kWh battery, can cover up to 373 miles on a single charge.

Polestar 3, 379 miles. Price from £79,900

Polestar 3

The Polestar 3 is available to order now, with first UK deliveries expected in October, bringing with them a new design direction for Polestar and an impressive ability to cover ground. The slick Swedish SUV is a full-sized challenger to the likes of the BMW iX and comes with an all-wheel-drive setup that offers 483bhp in even its most basic spec. All versions of the 3 come with a 107kWh battery but the 503bhp performance pack robs it of a little range, so we’d stick with the regular Long Range Dual Motor version and its 379-mile capability.

Renault Scenic E-Tech, 379 miles. Price from £40,995

Renault Scenic E-Tech

Some people complain that the new Scenic is a regular old SUV rather than a flexible MPV like its namesake. We reckon that hardly matters when it’s able to travel almost 380 miles on a single charge and recharge at up to 150kW. The 217bhp motor won’t set the world alight but it’s plenty for a family SUV where space and practicality are more important. And with prices starting at £41,000 it’s competitively priced too.

Mercedes-Benz EQE, 380 miles. Price from £68,810

Mercedes EQE

Mercedes’s naming convention might not be imaginative but it is easy to understand. The EQE is the electric sibling to the popular E-Class executive saloon, pitching it against the BMW i5. Under the skin it’s a high-tech marvel with some of the most advanced driver assistance and infotainment out there, including the full-dash-width Hyperscreen. In entry-level 300 spec, it offers 242bhp and 380 miles of range, while the 350 loses 4 miles of range but gains 46bhp.

BMW iX, 383 miles. Price from £70,9895


The iX has a face only a mother could love but beneath the ugly surface there’s plenty to like. Everything about the iX is big, from its road presence to its interior space, power and range. The cabin is a luxurious high-tech haven and it drives remarkably well for such a large car. Unusually, it’s the high-performance xDrive50 that has the longest range, thanks to a 108kWh battery that’ll allow you to travel almost 400 miles while putting people off their lunch.

BMW i7, 387 miles. Price from £101,765

BMW i7

Like Mercedes, BMW’s naming plan is pretty easy, so this is obviously the electric equivalent of the flagship 7 Series. A luxury limo to rival the Mercedes EQS, the i7 is packed to the rafters with the very latest technology and can even be specified with a 31-inch rear cinema screen. Its 387-mile range should mean your passengers have plenty of time to enjoy a movie before you have to stop and top-up, and 195kW charging means you won’t be stationary for long.

Polestar 2, 406 miles. Price from £44,950

Polestar 2

Polestar updated the 2 in late 2023 to make its already impressive executive saloon even better. The main changes involved moving the motor from the front to rear axle and fitting new larger batteries with smarter management. In the longest-range single-motor model, those changes amounted to a 67bhp boost and more than 100 extra miles of range, enough to catapult it up our list.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range, 421 miles. Price from £39,990

Tesla Model 3

Tesla remains one of the champions of long range thanks to the Model 3. With 421 miles available in the all-wheel-drive long range edition, it’ll go from Edinburgh to London on a single charge. The button-less interior and jelly mould looks aren’t to everyone’s tastes but there’s no doubting the Model 3’s long-legged abilities.

Fisker Ocean, 440 miles. Price from £36,900

Fisker Ocean

We’ve been waiting for what feels like an age for the Fisker Ocean but it looks like it will finally arrive in the UK in 2024. Order books are open now for this smart looking American SUV, with prices starting at £36,900. That will get you the basic Sport spec car with a respectable 288 miles of range. But if you really relish a roadtrip, the Ocean Extreme features a 113kWh battery good for 440 miles, as well as a twin-motor powertrain that can get from 0-62mph in less than four seconds.

Mercedes EQS, 441 miles. Price from £112,610

Mercedes EQS

The EQS is Mercedes’s flagship model and everything about it is designed to impress. Virtually nothing can touch it in terms of technology and, at 5.2 metres, it’s longer than a Range Rover, with a slippery aerodynamic shape designed to aid efficiency. With a massive 108kWh battery powering its single rear motor, the EQS 450+ is capable of covering up to 441 miles in one go. Ultra-quick 200kW charging also means a 10-80% top-up takes less than half an hour.

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