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Pure Flex: The Tesla of the Scooter market

The Pure Advance Flex boasts significant power and an impressive range, coupled with an innovative front-facing riding stance.

This scooter also incorporates Pure Control, the brand’s proprietary electronic steering stabilisation system, reminiscent of torque vectoring found in high-performance cars.

While many scooters offer foldability, the Pure Advance Flex takes it a step further with a dual folding mechanism, resulting in a remarkably compact form factor. It’s akin to the Brompton bike within the scooter realm.

At 16.2kg, it carries a bit of weight, but we found it manageable for short distances or for loading into a vehicle. What’s noteworthy is its ability to snugly fit into modest storage spaces thanks to its unique folding design.

Now, let’s delve into the riding experience. Unlike conventional scooters with a narrow, skateboard-like platform, the Flex adopts two separate platforms for each foot. Although it requires some adaptation, we discovered that steering became more intuitive simply by shifting body weight from side to side.

If Tesla were to venture into the scooter market, they might produce something akin to the Pure Flex.

In terms of safety and visibility, the Pure Advance Flex rivals a miniature Christmas tree with its array of lights. Featuring a 150 lumen front light, handlebar and footpad indicators, rear brake, and running lights, it undoubtedly turns heads on the road.

The Pure Electric app offers convenient functionalities such as digital locking and unlocking, stat monitoring, and cruise control activation.

And here’s the cherry on top: alongside a front mechanical brake, it boasts a regenerative rear electric brake, contributing to an impressive riding range of 40km (24.8 miles) at a maximum speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

Oh, and let’s not forget its water resistance rating of IP65, making it resilient against heavy rain and splashes. A nifty feature, wouldn’t you agree?

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Richard Alvin

Managing Editor of EV Powered who has a passion for electric converted classic cars - currently converting Lottie the Landy a 1965 Series II ex RAF Land Rover to electric power and the person responsible for two wheel reviews at EV Powered.