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Estarli e20 Folding Electric Bike Review: A Top Pick for Urban Commuters

The Estarli e20 is an ideal entry-level folding electric bike, priced just over £1,000. It offers exceptional value in its price range.

After several weeks of testing, I can confidently say Estarli has succeeded in their mission to make electric rides accessible to budget-conscious consumers.  This bike has earned its place among our top recommended folding electric bikes.

The e20 is affordable, foldable, lightweight, and comfortable. It boasts impressive power, a range of gears, and larger tyres for enhanced handling and comfort. This bike not only encourages you to ride more but also to travel further. Its versatility makes it easy to incorporate into daily life, offering a fun and practical commuting solution.

Estarli has prioritised accessibility in their design. The high-strength aluminium frame is both sturdy and rust-resistant, accommodating riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches tall, with a maximum rider weight of 110kg. This is quite decent for a folding bike.

The cleverly concealed battery within the seatpost
The cleverly concealed battery within the seatpost

One of the standout features is the cleverly concealed battery within the seatpost, making it hard to identify the e20 as an electric bike. The battery is easy to remove for charging. However, this design does come with a trade-off in battery life, offering around 31 miles on a 7.2Ah 36V battery. The motor meets British regulations, providing 250W with a maximum output of 40Nm of torque.

The model I tested was the PRO version, which for an additional £50, includes a rear rack and mudguards. The mudguards blend nicely with the bike’s design, avoiding the usual aesthetic disruption.

The folding mechanism is straightforward, with easy-to-use latches and foldable pedals
The folding mechanism is straightforward, with easy-to-use latches and foldable pedals

Available in a variety of colours, including blue, orange, grey, and metallic pink, the e20 caters to different style preferences. The folding mechanism is straightforward, with easy-to-use latches and foldable pedals. Despite not being the most compact, its folded dimensions are 45cm x 66cm x 84cm.

Weighing in at 17.5kg, the e20 is manageable in terms of weight. The riding position is particularly comfortable, with a straight back and no pressure on the hands, making it easy to signal while riding.

The e20’s manoeuvrability is impressive. The weight distribution allows for quick, comfortable turns, and the 20-inch wheels, larger than the typical 16-inch on folding bikes, prevent twitchiness. The tyres effectively absorb road bumps, enhancing confidence even on wet surfaces, complemented by responsive disc brakes.

With 7 gears and cable disc brakes, the e20 handles various gradients and terrains well. The five levels of assist broaden the range of terrains you can tackle. Integrated front lights ensure visibility, while the rear light operates on a separate battery.

Manufactured in the UK, the Estarli e20 comes with a two-year warranty covering parts and labour if returned to an Estarli depot. This local support is a significant advantage over having to ship bikes abroad for repairs. Positive reviews on Trustpilot further affirm the e20’s reliability.

In addition to the £1,145 e20, Estarli offers the e16 (£1,095) with smaller 16-inch wheels and the e28, a hybrid model at £1,550.

The Estarli e20 is not cumbersome, thanks to the built-in handle in the frame’s centre, making it easy to carry and distribute weight evenly. Though heavier than a traditional pedal bike, its size and weight pose no significant issues when carrying it upstairs or folding it for a train journey or easy pub storage.

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