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The Porsche Taycan 2022: Is it still one of the best EVs?

Ever since the Porsche Taycan was unveiled in 2019, it was seen as one of the standout EVs around. But as the industry has evolved, and with more and more exciting models being released, does the Taycan still class as one of the best EVs around?

Over the past few years, Porsche has revealed a number of different variants to the Taycan, with the Cross Turismo, GTS and 4S models all now part of the manufacturer’s electric offering. Whilst these higher-end electric models can reach up to almost £140,000, Porsche’s entry-level model – simply named the Porsche Taycan – is available from “just” £70,690. It is far from cheap, but it is also far from your average EV. With all that in mind, does the Porsche Taycan justify its price-tag in 2022?

How it looks

The Taycan has pure Porsche DNA running right through it, with influences from other models, such as the Panamera, plain to see. However, as is the case with most car manufacturers and their electric cars, Porsche has included a few subtle differences in the Taycan’s design.

At the rear of the car, there is the traditional EV light bar that stretches all the way along the back end. There are also a couple of fake air vents at the side, but other than that, Porsche has created a car that can fit seamlessly into a lineup of some of its best-looking models.

This entry level model features 19” standard wheels which can be upgraded to 20”, and there are other beautiful details such as the 4-point LED headlights. Even the colour, which is officially known as ‘frozen berry’ works well. The Porsche Taycan is quite simply a very good-looking car.

That colour does come at an added cost, however, as does pretty much every other detail on this car. Including VAT, this model starts from just over £72,000 but with all the optional extras, the on-the-road price comes in at £86,500.

These extras range from electric folding mirrors which are £200, the black trim on the windows are another £250, the colour is an extra £750 and even the matrix LED headlights will set you back over £2,000.

On the inside

The interior of the Taycan is an absolute dream. There are more extras included on the test version of the car, such as the blackberry leather seats, the sound system and the parking assist. As standard, you will still receive a 16.8-inch curved display and the centre console with Direct Touch Control.

It also features a multi-function sports steering wheel and the fabric roof lining which gives the car the premium feeling you would expect from a car of this calibre. In terms of tech, you have two USB-C ports and wireless charging for your phone, which can connect with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and even the standard audio setup comes with 10 different speakers all around the car.

Despite the sport nature of the car, it still offers a great sense of practicality with 407L of boot capacity and 84 litres at the front.

On the road

The Taycan is a full-blooded Porsche and offers you everything that you would expect from any other Porsche model. That includes lightning-fast acceleration, which in the Taycan’s case, is represented by a 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds. That might not sounds overly fast – the Tesla Model 3 beats that time by 2 seconds, for example – but the low driving position, the amplified nose inside the car, and the self-awareness of knowing you’re driving such a good looking car, makes that time feel much, much faster.

The power is achieved through a standard 79kW battery, which on this model, has been enhanced to 93kW with the Performance Battery Plus option, which will set you back just over £4,000. That extra boost gives you 380hp and 357 NM torque to play with, and that does certainly put a smile on your face.

The power also comes in tandem with great stability and balance. Perfectly tuned, the Taycan effortlessly glides along snaking country roads, pushing itself further into the tarmac with every dip of the throttle for extra grip, making you feel as though you are truly glued to the road.

As this is a fully electric vehicle, however, it is not simply about power, but also about range. The entry level Taycan offers a WLTP combined range of 301 miles and charging capabilities of up to 270kW, meaning you’ll be able to charge from 5 to 80% in about 20 minutes.

The beauty of the Taycan is that it offers a perfect blend of playfulness and practicality. It is a joyous experience being behind the wheel of this car, one you will never get bored of, and thankfully it offers a big enough range to be able to drive it in a way a Porsche was designed to be driven, whilst also having enough juice in the battery to go about your daily business.

When it comes to driving this car, Porsche has got it spot on.

Final verdict

For years now, the Porsche Taycan has been synonymous with the best that the electric vehicle industry has to offer. It’s a super-fast, gorgeous looking EV, manufactured by one of the biggest, most prestigious automotive companies in the world.

The industry has moved on, however. There are a number of amazing new models coming to the market, and there are many more set to come, all of which will drive the EV movement further forward.

And yet, despite all the progress that has been made, the Porsche Taycan, which has only received a few minor tweaks for this 2022 version, still occupies a spot in the EV industry’s top drawer.

Sure, some cars might be slightly quicker, have much more tech inside or have bigger ranges, but there is something truly unique about the Taycan. Its design is unrivalled amongst all other electric vehicles, and the driving experience is second to none. The range is still at the top end of the market, and the fast-charging capabilities means it is fit for the new wave of EV chargers.

It might cost a pretty penny, but if there is ever an electric vehicle that could justify such a hefty fee, it is the truly amazing Porsche Taycan.

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