Vauxhall Corsa Electric now cheaper than the petrol model

Vauxhall’s electric Corsa and Mokka models are now available for lower monthly payments than their petrol equivalents, thanks to new finance deals announced by the manufacturer.

Vauxhall’s new PCP packages offer buyers monthly price parity across electric and petrol versions of the Corsa, Mokka and Astra, with special edition EV models working out even cheaper in some cases.

The entry-level Corsa Electric YES is now available for £251 per month, compared to £274 for the equivalent petrol model. The Mokka Electric Griffin can be had for £286 per month, a £32 per month saving on the petrol Mokka’s £318 cost.

Both those models use Vauxhall’s smaller battery and less powerful motor but higher-spec versions of both models, plus the Astra Electric are now the same monthly price as their petrol equivalents.

Vauxhall is also keen to point out that the new savings don’t include any savings on fuel/charging, which it estimates could be up to £100 a month, car tax or low-emissions zone entry.

Vauxhall has achieved the balance by offering the EVs on a five-year deal rather than the four-year ICE package and offering a substantially lower interest rate of 2.9%, compared with 8.9% for its petrol models.

It is also handing out generous deposit contributions. While customers have to stump up a £2,000 deposit, Vauxhall will contribute up to £3,000 towards the price of an Astra, £4,590 on the Mokka and £7,450 on select specifications of Corsa.

On top of the new PCP deals, customers will also get the choice of a free Ohme home charger fitted by Octopus Energy, or a £675 public charging credit with Octopus Electroverse.

The move comes shortly after Honda reduced the list price of its e:Ny1 electric SUV and Mazda announced a new pricing structure for the MX-30 that brought monthly payments down to just £199 a month.

It’s likely we’ll see more such deals in coming months as car makers try to balance the demands of the ZEV mandate with soft demand for EVs from private buyers.

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Matt Allan

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