MFG to open 60 EV hubs this year with £50 million investment

Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has announced plans to open 60 new electric vehicle charging hubs this year as part of a £50 million investment.

The investment will see MFG install over 350, ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers at 60 hubs throughout the UK. This project is part of MFG’s commitment to invest £400 million in EV infrastructure by 2030.

Beyond the 60 new hubs scheduled for opening in 2022, MFG will energise a further 20 sites in Q1 2022 that have been completed in the final months of 2021.

MFG hubs will consist of between four and eight ultra-rapid 150kW EV Chargers per site. 150kW chargers can add 100 miles range in approximately ten minutes, subject to the charging capability of individual car batteries. These will be augmented with 300kW+ chargers as vehicle battery technology improves to maintain the fastest charging times across the MFG network.

The investment in 2022 builds on the £40 million EV investment undertaken in 2021 which saw MFG significantly boost the national ultra-rapid EV charging infrastructure, as well as opening their visionary flagship forecourt in Putney and the North-West of England’s first dedicated ultra-rapid EV only site in Manchester. Alongside its investment in EV, MFG made a £50 million investment to improve its retail, food to go, and valeting offer to the consumer in 2021. MFG’s investment will continue in the years ahead across its UK wide network.

William Bannister, CEO of MFG, said: “We have already invested significantly, and ahead of the curve, on EV charging across our portfolio. We have an ambitious roll-out programme for 2022 which is focused on our network throughout the UK. Our EV sites are modern in design and provide a high-quality retail and consumer experience for the community and for motorists to use whilst charging their vehicles. We look forward to delivering on our strategic plans throughout 2022.”

Over the coming decades, MFG will operate a dual fuel strategy, meaning it will continue to provide existing fossil fuel infrastructure whilst placing equal importance on rolling out ultra-rapid EV charging hubs. On route charging will be a particularly important infrastructure for those drivers who do not have access to ‘at home’ charging. In England, over 60% of dwellings in cities and urban areas do not have garages or other off-road parking provisions, and so must rely on electricity from publicly accessible networks.

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