Mer partners with the AA to make electric vehicle charging more reliable

Mer, a new entrant into the UK’s EV charging market, has partnered with the AA to help keep electric vehicles powered up.

Drivers using Mer UK’s network will now be able to use a 24-hour customer support helpline which is managed by the AA. A trained customer service team will assist drivers if they encounter difficulties whilst at Mer UK charge points.

The AA team will also be supported by Mer’s operator portal, ensuring the AA’s customer service team can remotely manage the network’s charge points, including performing real-time diagnosis as well as correcting any potential errors. This system helps ensure not only up-time for the chargers themselves, but minimises engineer call-out, supporting sustainability.

This is the second partnership the AA has formed with an electric vehicle charging network this month, after it teamed up with InstaVolt to provide a roadside support network for EV drivers,

Dean Hedger, EV new business development manager at the AA, said: “With EV adoption accelerating in the UK, it is vital those drivers who make the switch receive a positive experience from day one. Like us, Mer UK believes in delivering customer service and innovation which ensures drivers feel supported and remain on the move. We’re delighted to add this partnership to the growing number of organisations tapping into the AA’s EV Support Service. This is vital recognition of the importance of the driver when deploying EV infrastructure.”

Mer launched in the UK earlier this year with the aim of bringing the experience of Europe’s leading country for electric vehicle ownership, Norway, to the British market.

Mer UK is owned by Norwegian energy giant Statkraft, one of Europe’s largest producers of renewable energy. Statkraft recently debuted on the European EV charging market with the newly created brand Mer, a consolidation of its EV charging businesses under one identity.

Anthony Hinde, Mer UK managing director, said: “We are excited to be developing our partnership with the AA, the UK’s leading breakdown service company, and a company that has been supporting UK drivers with exceptional service for many years.

“The rapid development of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure calls for the right level of support to EV drivers. In particular, as well as accelerating and diversifying charging points to include businesses and other locations where cars often spend a lot of time parked up, there is a need for dedicated support if something goes wrong with the chargers.

“This partnership with the AA does exactly that. Together, we will help deliver an exceptional EV charging experience, helping drivers feel less fear about switching to guilt-free driving and benefitting from the cost and environmental benefits electric vehicles bring.”

Commenting on the recent 2030 electric vehicle target issued by the UK Government Edmund King, AA president, said: “The 2030 target is incredibly ambitious, but the transformation to electric cars is very welcome. Consistently, the barriers to EV ownership are the initial cost of the car and availability, perceived single-charge range anxiety and charging infrastructure – particularly for the third of drivers without off-street parking. If we can tackle these issues with considerable investment and focus, the electric revolution will flourish.”

Anthony Hinde added: “A critical part of the EV charging infrastructure that needs developing is at work locations. Although the average daily distance UK drivers is less than 30 miles, having the ability to charge your vehicle during the day while you are at work will significantly reduce people’s fears around running out of power.

“If you couple this with accelerating the transition of work vehicles to EVs too – and again the typical delivery van daily mileage now falls easily within electric van range – the UK will be well poised to meet the Government’s aim to decarbonise transport.”

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