Lack of home charger is biggest roadblock to buying a used EV

Not having a home charger is the most common excuse for not buying a used EV, according to car dealers.

A survey of used car sales specialist found that more than half (52%) reported a lack of at-home charging was the main reason given by customers reluctant to opt for a secondhand electric car.

The figures were revealed in a new poll of dealers conducted by Startline Motor Finance. Its CEO, Paul Burgess, commented: “In a way, it is encouraging that a lack of home charging is the biggest objection facing dealers selling EVs because it is a problem that can potentially be resolved fairly easily.

“If someone has the space for a charger to be fitted, then the dealer can provide support for this to happen, perhaps by entering into a partnership with a charger supplier to offer a fitting service, with a discount being negotiated.

“Of course, if the motorist lives in a terraced house or apartment without on-street charging, things are undeniably more difficult, but even this should be solved by increased infrastructure over the next few years.”

Other issues that dealers say are mentioned by customers include range being too low for their needs (48%), EVs being too expensive compared to ICE vehicles (37%) and fears that the battery will degrade quickly (35%).

Also, almost a third (32%) of dealers said consumers are also worried about insurance costs, while 30% don’t trust the technology and 27% are worried about EVs losing a lot of their value.

Paul said: “These objections can be divided into myths and genuine issues. Battery degradation, for example, is highly unlikely to be a problem, and most EVs on sale today will still be covered by comprehensive battery warranties.

“Other doubts are more concrete. Insurance costs are undoubtedly a problem for some EV buyers at the moment, and EV values remain more volatile than ICE equivalents. These issues will only be resolved over time as the EV market further stabilises.”

Despite concerns among some buyers, sales of used EVs have rocketed in the last year as more cars become available and more drivers decide to go electric. Secondhand sales were up 70% in the first quarter of 2024 compared with the same period in 2023, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

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Matt Allan

Matt is Editor of EV Powered. He has worked in journalism for more than 20 years and been an automotive journalist for the last decade, covering every aspect of the industry, from new model reveals and reviews to consumer and driving advice. The former motoring editor of, The Scotsman and National World, Matt has watched the EV landscape transform beyond recognition over the last 10 years and developed a passion for electric vehicles and what they mean for the future of transport - from the smallest city cars to the biggest battery-powered trucks. When he’s not driving or writing about electric cars, he’s figuring out how to convert his classic VW camper to electric power.