Connected Kerb joins Bosch’s electric vehicle charging platform

Connected Kerb has announced its integration with Bosch Mobility’s global EV charging platform.

The inclusion of Connected Kerb’s entire network of over 3000 public charging sockets on Bosch’s charging platform will dramatically enhance the visibility of UK-based charge points for the platform’s users worldwide.

Bosch’s platform is fully customisable and is available for businesses to include in their products. For example, car manufacturers can create a bespoke frontend system that seamlessly integrates into their vehicles and gives the user access to hundreds of thousands of electric vehicle charging points across the world, no matter which company owns and runs the individual charging points.

In addition, there is a free-to-use Bosch app, Charge My EV, that gives drivers a convenient way to find charging stations, whilst giving users access to charger availability data in advance, enabling drivers to easily plan journeys. Charging sessions can be started and paid for directly through the app, RFID, Plug & Charge or locally available methods.

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, said: “Connecting people and places as seamlessly as possible – that’s what we’re all about. This means giving drivers as much visibility of our network as possible, via trusted and credible platforms like the Bosch charging platform.

“Our integration onto Bosch’s charging platform opens up our network to businesses and users across the UK and Europe, all of which can now easily find, use, and pay for our chargers, hassle free.”

Connected Kerb’s growing network is now available across ten major e-mobility apps, including Zap-Map and Paua to broaden the visibility of the charging network and ensure it is as convenient as possible for drivers to charge up. The company also operates its own app, enabling drivers to find, start, track, and pay for charging sessions across Connected Kerb’s entire network.

The Bosch charging network, one of the biggest in Europe, provides users with access to over 600,000 publicly accessible charge points across 30 countries in Europe alone, all under one app. It has more than 850,000 charge points worldwide including North America and Asia Pacific.

Olivia Arago, Managing Director of Bosch Charging Solutions, said: “Connected Kerb is a much-welcomed addition to our platform, giving our users the ability to better plan routes and access more charge points across the UK. Together with Connected Kerb, we are increasing the coverage of publicly accessible charge points in the UK.

“Also, automotive manufacturers, mobility service providers and fleet operators can benefit from a ready to use service which can be highly customised and integrated in the vehicle to assure a seamless user experience and much greater convenience when driving electric vehicles.”

Users will have access to Connected Kerb’s rapidly expanding network, regularly updating with new, live charge points. In early 2023, Connected Kerb announced the UK’s largest ever rollout of EV chargers by a local authority in Surrey – a partnership that will result in 10,000 electric vehicle chargers deployed across the county.

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